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Respironics CPAP Products Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1120617 DreamStation Humidifier Flip Lid Seal

Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1120617 DreamStation Humidifier Flip Lid Seal

DreamStation Humidifier Flip Lid Seal

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Philips Respironics' DreamStation Humidifier Flip Lid Seal is the replacement for the rectangular seal found around the circumference of the air outlet on the lid of the DreamStation Heated Humidifier. The seal may be removed, cleaned, and re-installed while in good condition. Replace the seal if it becomes damaged or once the seal has lost the ability to maintain a strong grip. The flip lid seal is designed to keep the chamber securely fastened during sleep therapy. Return On Warranty Issues Only This Product Includes... Flip Lid Seal Product Specifications Material Components of the Flip Lid Seal: Dimensions of the Flip Lid Seal: 5.25 in L x 3.5 in W x 0.31 in H (13.34 cm L x 8.89 cm W x 0.79 cm H) Weight of the Flip Lid Seal: 0.90 oz (0.06 lbs)

Product Overview

Important Tips Caring for the Humidifier Lid Seal The seal found under the top of the humidifier lid is designed to fasten the lid to the humidifier when closed. On occasion the seal may need to be cleaned or replaced to sustain a secure grip. Follow these steps when cleaning the seal: For simple cleanings, use a damp cloth to to wipe the circumference of the seal. For more complex cleanings, carefully remove the seal and place it in warm water. Use mild soap to cleanse the seal and continue to rinse with warm water. Wipe the seal to remove excess water and place it out of the sunlight to air dry completely. Travel Tips Do not move the humidifier when the chamber is filled with water. Always remove the tank from the humidifier and extract all of the water when preparing to travel. After the tank has been emptied, let the chamber air dry completely away from direct sunlight. When all the equipment is dry, place the device in a carry-on bag to help protect the unit. Per the manufacturer, the carrying bag cannot guarantee the safety of the equipment when checked as luggage, so use the bag as a carry-on only. Tips to Ensure the Seal is Correctly Positioned Align the hole of the seal around the form of the humidifier outlet port. Position the wire channel in the center of the hole with the bottom of the air outlet. Gently press the center and the border of the seal to solidify the grip around the outlet.
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