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The opening section of "History of Aurora" is a work originally produced for the Aurora Heritage Committee in 1984, entitled "A Place In Time: Aurora's First Century of Settlement".

Its research team included Kathryn Anderson, Jack Kobayashi and Nancy McInerney. The original illustrations were contributed by Fred Chipman.

The printing of the booklet was supported by grants from the Secretary of State for Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs through the Town of Aurora Bicentennial Committee.

"By 1801 three of the four lots at what we know as the Yonge/Wellington intersection each had at least five acres cleared and fenced, but there had been less progress at the north-west corner. Yonge Street itself was only partly cleared through the length of Aurora." The rest of the sections of "History of Aurora" are based on excerpts from W. John McIntyre's "Aurora - A History in Pictures" (1988) The Boston Mills Press ISBN 0-919783-81-3 (no longer in print).

"All around on the streets of Aurora are symbols of our past and present. There are parts of town where century-old buildings rub shoulders with modern bungalows, stores, or apartment buildings. There is a sense here of a community whose roots lie deep in the past, even as Aurora grows and prospers just a few kilometers away from Canada's largest city."

Aurora (2006 Population 47,629) is an affluent Canadian town in York Region, approximately 40 km north of Toronto. It is situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine in a part of the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe. Nearly 7% of Aurora's residents are visible minorities.

Many Aurora residents commute to Toronto, and the town is part of the Greater Toronto Area.

Situated within the Oak Ridges Moraine - a geographic feature with rolling terrain, rich valley land, and large forest tracts - Aurora offers natural beauty. The Town's 615 acres of parkland and 25 km of pedestrian trails can be enjoyed throughout the community, and beautifully showcases Aurora's lush green spaces.

Aurora's 4 public golf courses, many located within the Oak Ridges Moraine, deliver an exceptional golf experience for the casual to the serious golfer.

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