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About Kawartha Lakes The name "Kawartha" comes from the area's First Nation Peoples, in whose language it means "land of shining waters". The moment you see the sun dancing off the gentle ripples of the water, you'll see for yourself. Located just over one hour northeast of Toronto, the City of Kawartha Lakes is comprised of 17 municipalities linked by the Trent-Severn Waterway. Our communities are nestled amongst beautiful lakes, winding rivers, scenic farmland and pristine wilderness.

With over 250 lakes and rivers throughout vast stretches of panoramic beauty, Kawartha Lakes offers visitors a wealth of leisure activies year round. Visit five Trent-Severn lock stations from Bobcaygeon to Kirkfield by boat or road and tour local attractions along the way. Take in the fresh air as you hike, cycle or ski an extensive 800km network of trails including the 85km Victoria Rail Trail. Enjoy theatre and music at the historic Academy Theatre for Performing Arts or discover our rich history touring museums and historic sites. Pamper yourself at an exquisite inn or resort, or get back to nature and stay at a quaint waterfront cottage. Spend leisurely days in historic towns browsing quaint boutiques or finding hidden treasures in antique shops. Explore our charming communities year round and celebrate local culture at agricultural fairs, seasonal festivals and art studio tours.

Regardles of how long you stay, there's plenty to see and do in our natural four seasons outdoor playground. Escape to the great outdoors in the Kawartha Lakes Region of Central Ontario! The more you experience what Kawartha Lakes has to offer, the longer you'll want to stay... and the sooner you'll be back!

The City of Kawartha Lakes (2006 population 74,561) is a city in east-central Ontario, Canada. Although designated as a "city", it is a largely rural area. The municipality is named for the Kawartha lakes ("Kawartha," shortened from Gaa-waategamaag, means "shining waters" in the Ojibwe language).

Fenelon Falls is a village in Ontario, Canada, part of the city of Kawartha Lakes. Known as the "Jewel of the Kawarthas," it has a population of 1,800. Fenelon Falls is home to lock 34 on the Trent-Severn Waterway between Sturgeon Lake and Cameron Lake. It is primarily a tourist town and therefore is most active during the summer season. The main street of Fenelon Falls is called Colborne Street.

Communities Bethany Settled in 1856, Bethany was named in accordance with the Biblical names of surrounding communities. Nestled amongst rolling hills, this town of 1500 features the Blue Spruce Ridge Golf & Country Club, Devil's Elbow Ski Hill, and the Saddlewood Riding Camp. More information on Bethany is available through the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Bobcaygeon A popular destination for those in search of recreation and relaxation, the downtown core is actually located on an island. "The Hub of the Kawarthas", with a population of close to 3000, is also Lock 32 on the Trent-Severn Waterway. The name of the town is derived from the Native word "Bobcaygewanunk" meaning "shallow rapids" or "swirling rivers around islands". Seasonal highlights include Kawartha Settler's Village Wine and Food Tasting Festival (September 15th), the Boyd Heritage Museum, the Canada - US Walleye Tournament, the Open Doors House Tour, the Ontario Open Fiddle & Step Dance Competition, the Pigeon Lake Yacht Club Regatta, the Annual Arts & Crafts Show, the Cruisefest Antique / Classic Car Show, the Lakeview Arts Barn, the Bobcaygeon Fair, the Festival of Trees, and the Santa Claus Parade. For more information, visit the Bobcaygeon & Area Chamber of Commerce.

Burnt River Originally called Rettie's Bridge, and later renamed Rettie's Station after the railway was built, Burnt River is nestled along the river's shore and was named by Simon Moor who ran the first Post Office there. The Victoria Rail Trail passes through this settled community of 150. More information on Burnt River is available through the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce.

Cambray Situated in the geographical centre of the City of Kawartha Lakes, Cambray is a quiet, residential village close to Balsam and Sturgeon Lakes. A former First Nations encampment, Cambray was established as a mill site in 1831 which grew into a bustling 19th century community that became incorporated as a village in 1895 named after the Archbishop of Cambrai in France. Today memories of a by-gone era are brought to life by the growing Amish community who have a number of farms in the area and whose horse drawn buggies are often seen on local roads. The flat, quiet country roads also draw cyclists of all ages to the area for competitive events, training and recreational cycling. Cambray's bike shop is the focal point for many cycling events and is so popular within the cycling guild that Cambray is often referred to as "The Cycling Hub of The Kawarthas."

Cameron Reaching back to rolling farmland from the shores of Sturgeon Lake, Cameron was named after Duncan Cameron, one of the areas earliest landowners. With a population of 200, Cameron borders the Ken Reid Conservation Area and lies along the Victoria Rail Trail as well. For more information, contact the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce.

Coboconk A bustling summer hub and a busy stop for cottagers, Coboconk gets its name from the native "Quash qua be conk" meaning "where the gulls nest" and is referred to by locals as "Coby". With a population of 800, Coboconk boasts close proximity to Balsam Lake Provincial Park, is the home of Canada's Smallest Jail, and hosts annual events such as the Lion's Carnival, the Legion Smorgasbord, the Santa Claus Parade, and the Bethlehem Live Christmas production. For more information, contact the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce, or stop by the Visitor Information Centre in Lion's Park, at 9 Grandy Road (705) 454-3322.

Fenelon Falls Established in the mid 1800's, Fenelon Falls is justly proud to be known as "The Jewel of the Kawarthas". The Falls themselves pour into a limestone gorge known to locals as the Fenelon River. Formerly called Cameron's Falls after Duncan Cameron, the village was eventually renamed after Abbe Fenelon, a missionary to the area's First Nation Peoples. Lock 34 on the Trent-Severn Waterway system, this town of close to 2000 features the Mayboro Lodge Museum, the Garnet Graham Beach Park, an annual Home Show as well as a Steam Show & Tractor Pull. Other seasonal attractions include the Kawartha Arts Festival, the Fenelon Falls Fair, Santa Day Celebrations and an evening Santa Claus Parade. For more information, visit the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce.

Janetville Hugging the shores of Lake Scugog, the town was named after Janet McDermid, the daughter of the owner of McDermid Saw Mills, in 1832. Seasonal attractions include the Wolf Run Golf Club and the Pigeon River Conservation Area. For more information, visit the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Kinmount Visited by Icelandic settlers and later by Scottish immigrants, this pretty little town with a population of 300, is set amongst steep hills and has become a popular summer spot to catch a movie or enjoy a snack of Fish and Chips. It is believed that the town name could have been borrowed from Sir Walter Scott's poem "The Ballad of Notable." Attractions include the renowned Highlands Cinema and Movie Museum, the Kinmount & Area Artisans Marketplace, the Kinmount Fair, and the annual Santa Claus Parade. For more information, visit the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce or the Visitor Information Centre in the Austin Saw Mill Heritage Park (705) 488-2635.

Kirkfield Scottish for Church, the name of this town reflects the pious nature of the original settlers whose Protestant work ethic built the solid brick houses that line the Main Street of the town Sir William MacKenzie called home. With a population of 250, Kirkfield's size is dwarfed by its charm. Notable attractions include the Kirkfield Lift Lock, Sir William MacKenzie Inn, and The Old Tin House flower farm. For more information, contact the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce.

Lindsay Originally known as "Purdy's Mills", the town was eventually named for the assistant of one of the first surveyors, John Houston. Known as the gateway to Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay, with a population close to 17,000, prides itself on its rich culture and heritage. Beautifully maintained city parks, the winding Scugog River, a variety of entertaining events, and one of the widest Main Streets in Ontario, make Lindsay a popular destination for tourists year round. Notable attractions include the Academy Theatre for Performing Arts, Skylark VIII Riverboat Cruises, the Lindsay Art Gallery, Victoria County Historical Society and Museum, Easter in the Park, River Festival, Lindsay Central Exhibition, Candlelight Christmas House Tour, Lindsay 10K Milk Run, and the Santa Claus Parade. For more information, visit the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Little Britain This charming town is known as the "Sports Capital of the Kawarthas" and is comprised of dairy farms and stands of hard Maple and towering Oaks. Notable attractions include the town's Canada Day Celebrations and The Auction Barn is not to be missed. For more information, contact the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Norland Originally called Nordland, the name was erroneously recorded by the Province without the "d" and became Norland. This remarkable town is marked by the granite that comprises the Canadian Shield and everywhere there are the cedars and pines that are reminiscent of Group of Seven paintings. Notable attractions include the Norland Winter Carnival & Dog Sled Races, the Firefighters Annual Horse Pull, and two beautiful beaches. For more information, contact the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce.

Oakwood The name of this lovely old town is derived from the heavy forest of oak that originally covered this area, stands of which can still be seen throughout lining streets and farmer's fields. Beautiful horse farms abound and notable attractions include the Oliver's Nest Golf & Country Club and the annual Oakwood Fair. For more information, contact the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Omemee Perhaps most famous as "the town in North Ontario" Neil Young sings about in his classic song "Helpless", Omemee gets its name from the Ojibwa word for "pigeon". Young spent his formative years here in this town on the banks of a river surrounded by hills and farmland. With a population of 1319, Omemee is situated close to Emily Provincial Park. Notable attractions include Omemee Beach, Pioneer Days, and the annual Santa Claus Parade. For more information, contact the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Pontypool In 1853, this town was named by settlers John Jennings, William Ridge Sr., and James Leigh after their native home in Pontypool, Wales. A thriving town in the days of the CP Rail line, Pontypool, with a population of 2100, is a nature lover's paradise featuring the Fleetwood Conservation Area, the Ganaraska Forest, and the Blue Spruce Ridge Golf & Country Club. For more information, contact the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Rosedale This town hosts Lock 35 on the Trent-Severn Waterway and was named in honour of John D. Cameron's wife, Rosa. Rosedale is as lovely as its name and is a convenient stop for travelers of the Trent-Severn. The town features the family owned and operated Balsam Resort, a vacation tradition for families for years. For more information, contact the Fenelon Falls & District Chamber of Commerce.

Sebright On the shores of Lake Dalrymple, this tiny town proves that size does not matter when it comes to charm. Dotted with delightful cottages and brimming with hospitality, Sebright offers a true cottage getaway. For more information, contact the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

Woodville Eldridge Robinson Irish came to the area in 1832 with his wife Margaret Jane, and constructed the first house in the area. It was not long until the area near his house was called Irish Corners. In 1884 the Municipality of Woodville was incorporated. With a population of 871, Woodville is home to Woodville Farms, and features annual Canada Day Celebrations, a Figure Skating Carnival and an evening Santa Claus Parade. For more information, contact the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce.

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