As much as CPAP masks solve a problem by alleviating the symptoms of your sleep apnea, it can also bring in other problems. Well, that’s life for you. Seriously speaking, there are things that you can do to solve the problems brought by your CPAP implements. Here are just a few of them.

Pressure Sores and Skin Irritations

These skin problems are often caused by leaky CPAP masks that allow air to rush into your eyes, skin and nose. Of course, you must consult your doctor when pressure sores and skin irritations develop although you can try these measures when you suspect a leaky mask:

* Adjust the straps and pads to make your mask fit better around your face.

* Lower the mask down the bridge of your nose so as to prevent air from rushing into your eyes.

* Wash your mask and your face daily to ensure that both are clean when they come into contact. Plus, it helps to ensure a better fit.

* Try on a different style or a different size masks until you find the one that’s right for you.

Difficulty Adjusting to the Mask

This is a common problem especially with full-face CPAP masks. To overcome it, you can start by wearing the mask during your waking hours, say, while you are relaxing without the air pressure on. When you have grown accustomed to the feeling, you can then turn on the air pressure and wear it while napping. In this way, you will gradually adjust to the mask.

Irritated by the Noise Made by the CPAP Machine

There are three ways to overcome this particular problem. First, check that the air filter is clean and clear of obstructions since these can contribute to the noise levels. Second, check with the manufacturer to see if it is working properly. And third, use a white noise machine and/or wear earplugs to filter out the CPAP machine’s noise.

Also, consider letting your long-suffering bed mate avail of the services of a white noise device, too. Keep in mind that he/she also suffers m your condition albeit in a different way.

Mask Is Accidentally Removed While Sleeping

During the first few nights, this can become a source of sleeplessness especially since leaky CPAP masks will blow air into the face, hence, waking you up. And of course, there’s the first problem of skin irritations.

You must ensure a good fit, again, by experimenting with various styles and sized although a full-face mask is highly recommended for this particular problem. Also, consider using a chin strap to hold your mask in place.

The key to wearing CPAP masks is to make sure that these fit you perfectly, that you get used to them gradually, and that you try to live with them graciously. As much as you don’t want your condition, you also don’t want to suffer through its fatal symptoms day in and day out. Plus, think of your family and friends who care for you and wants to see you live longer! So, starting right now, try to become friends with CPAP masks and machines.

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