What is sleep apnea?

The word apnea means the “absence of breath;” thus, sleep apnea is a disorder characterized by pauses of breath – usually for an interval of 10 seconds or more. Although the sufferers of this condition are rarely aware of their episodes, they experience symptoms such as loud snoring and sleepiness during the day.

It can be characterized as obstructive, central or mixed. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common and happens when the upper airway becomes narrow due to the collapse of the tissues in it. Central sleep apnea (CSA) is caused by an abnormality in the central nervous system – the inability of the brain to tell your muscles to breathe. Mixed apnea is a combination of the two.

As with any other physical condition, it must be treated. If you have been diagnosed to have one, your doctor would most likely prescribe the use of a CPAP machine – in Toronto or elsewhere. A CPAP (continuous positive airflow pressure) machine supplies constant air pressure (usually ranging from 6 to 14 cm H2O to prevent the tissues in your upper airway from collapsing. As a result, the airway becomes wider – and breathing becomes easier for you.

Why treat sleep apnea then? The simplest and perhaps the most obvious reason is a good night’s sleep. And this holds true both for you – the sufferer and your loved ones (or basically anyone whom you share a bed/room with).

Benefits to You

Using the CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea is very important especially to the sufferer. For starters, it will normalize your sleep pattern. Needless to say, you will wake up feeling more refreshed and more rested if you had a long, steady, and an undisturbed sleep.

It is also important to treat sleep apnea because a good night’s sleep will make you more productive at work. If you lack sleep, you have difficulty concentrating an even the task of writing a 500-word article seems too tedious already.

On another note, asking specialists to treat sleep apnea results to better mood and less anxiety. Because you had sufficient rest, you will be less irritable and more approachable.

Benefits to Your Loved Ones

Recovering is not only beneficial to you – the sufferer – but it becomes advantageous to your loved ones as well , especially to the person whom you share the room with.

Had you chosen not to seek treatment, your loved ones will continue to be disturbed by your sleep pattern. What with all the loud snoring and irritability in the morning. They cannot sleep well too.

Had you chosen not to trust the CPAP machine – using some CPAP replacement parts in Toronto or elsewhere – to treat sleep apnea, your loved ones will still continue to feel stressed worrying about your condition.

Indeed, it is important to treat sleep apnea. It is beneficial to you – the sufferer – and to your partners and loved ones. At first, this kind of condition may seem negligible – anyway, what’s so wrong about not having enough sleep? At first, suffering from sleepiness during the day is just normal. But later on, you’d realize how much you’ve lost, and missed, just by simply missing to breathe during your sleep.

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