While purchasing a sleep apnea mask from any CPAP mask retail in Toronto, the fitting of the mask should be your prerogative. The mask should settle snugly over the contours of your face. Note that, as such, there is no distinction between the CPAP masks for men and women. They are universal and the only criterion for selection should be their fit and comfort.
CPAP mask retail in Toronto offers a wide choice in machines and accessories for treating sleep apnea. Thus, choosing your CPAP gear should not be very difficult.

A CPAP machine is most often rented or purchased. Since the equipment involves substantial outflow, it is recommended that you try the equipment on a rental basis before purchasing it. This way, you are assured about the performance and comfort level of the machine. Considering the fact that a large percentage of first time users discontinue the therapy within the first few weeks due to discomfort or allergies, the trial period is very important.

If you feel claustrophobic, or feel the machine is too noisy or bulky or the mask as a source of constant irritation, it is time to switch over to another mask. CPAP mask retail in Toronto offers all the different types of masks from various brands. The nasal pillow mask is the most popular of the three masks – full-faced mask, nasal mask and nasal pillow since they reach out to the nostrils directly instead of covering your face, whether whole or part of it.

In addition to equipment and masks, CPAP mask retail outlets in Toronto provide a host of other CPAP accessories to complement the therapy and enhance its effectiveness. Filter tubes, mask cleaners and wipes and various comfort accessories like CPAP pillows, hose lift, hose cover, lotions and other products are some of the accessories that are available under various brands and price ranges.

Since the equipment is quite a substantial investment, remember to confirm with your insurance company if the concerned equipment provider is covered in their network. If the purchase is covered with insurance, you will not be responsible for the entire cost of the equipment, which can work out to be quite a lump sum. However, you will be required to prepare the necessary documentation for insurance before purchasing your sleep apnea gear. Some CPAP dealers also allow you to rent the machine on a monthly basis while awaiting the insurance approval, so that you can get started on your sleep apnea

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