ResMed is a global leader in the domains of R&D, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical products, for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It provides products to help treat sleep disordered breathing. ResMed has a wide range of health related products in over 70 countries globally, through their direct offices and a chain of distributors. They use latest advanced technology in sleep and respiratory medicine to provide innovative products.

The company has been manufacturing CPAP devices for more than 20 years now. These have helped thousands of Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients to get a more comfortable sleep and adequate rest through effective CPAP therapy. ResMed thus maintains its position as a market leader in the domain of CPAP devices.

Some of the popular ResMed CPAP Masks include:


    • All masks have an exhalation port built into the mask. So yes, air coming out of the front of the mask is normal. Blowing air into the eyes, sides of face, lower chin or neck is not normal. 1.877.430.2727 if you need help!


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