The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (often termed as CPAP) machine is considered as the most effective non surgical treatment to get relief from snoring and sleep apnea. The CPAP machines deliver air into the airway through a scientifically designed nasal CPAP mask or full face CPAP mask. The air pressure is maintained accordingly while a person breathes in, to keep the airway open.

Although Auto CPAP machines are very similar to the standard CPAP machines, these monitor the person’s needs for supportive air pressure as well. The Auto CPAP machines are operated by a novel algorithm and can vary the pressure to give user the precise amount of pressure he/she requires at a particular time. This range of pressure fluctuates throughout the night as the user experiences varying air pressure needs during apnea and hypo-apnea. Auto CPAP machine releases a stream of compressed air through a hose to the nose mask and keeps the upper airway open under continuous air pressure.

Scientific studies in Canada to compare Auto CPAP with conventional CPAP have proved that the amount of therapy received during CPAP treatment is higher with Auto CPAP machines as compared to the conventional ones. Auto CPAP devices are therefore more efficient in rectifying nocturnal breathing disorders, daytime sleepiness and potential cognitive impairment in severe cases of sleep apnea.

Some of the key benefits of Auto CPAP are:

? Better Comfort: Unlike conventional devices, Auto CPAP machines deliver varying pressure and allow the patient to sleep more comfortably. On an average they deliver 40% less pressure as compared to regular CPAP units. When the machine detects that user has normal breathing patterns, then it delivers less air pressure.

? Less Airway Dryness : Since Auto CPAP devices increase air pressure only when required, they are less likely to dry out the nasal passages. This also reduces the possibility of a sinus headache while using the device.

? Sound sleep and less fatigue : Auto CPAP machine adjusts to prevent sleep apnea even if the user’s air pressure needs increase during the night. Consequently, it helps in sound sleep and less fatigue.

Advanced Auto CPAP machines can easily detect a difference between Obstructive Apneas, Hypopneas and Central Apneas to balance the air pressure accordingly. Auto CPAP in Toronto are available from brands like Phillips Respironics, Res Med and Puritan Bennet.

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  1. I have been in sleep for 2 years and I use the auto cpap machine. I felt some amazing things about it, an excellent way in curing my sleep problems.


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