CPAP therapy is also known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy, and it’s traditionally used to treat the side effects and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea.

If you suffer from this serious sleep disorder and you’re not currently using CPAP therapy to arrest stop-starts in breathing (and loud snoring) during the night, you’re missing out on a valuable treatment that will give you access to deep, refreshing rest.

CPAP therapy begins with CPAP machines that are hooked up to CPAP nasal pillows or CPAP masks. These specially fitted, custom designs provide comfort all through the night. However, most obstructive sleep apnea patients require a few days to adapt to wearing their masks overnight.

A good sleep apnea treatment specialist will have the skills and expertise needed to help you choose exactly the right CPAP nasal masks for your size, individual facial contours, and personal needs.

Masks feature a range of adjustable features to provide a closer fit and better OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) care. Within days of beginning CPAP therapy, you’ll notice how much better you feel when you wake up.

Cure the Unpleasant and Dangerous Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

The headaches, fatigue, mental confusion and mood swings that are characteristic of sleep apnea will melt away, because you’re finally getting adequate, consistent oxygen while you sleep.

In some cases, treating OSA with CPAP masks and nasal pillows (and machines) may even save lives. Since obstructive sleep apnea may lead to the development of very serious, long-term health problems, such as heart problems and diabetes, getting the right care is essential to your well-being.

Doctors recommend CPAP therapy above all other treatments, because they know that it’s the only treatment that regulates airflow, restoring proper breathing to patients.

Now that you know a little more about CPAP therapy and CPAP nasal pillows and masks, we’d like to showcase a few impressive, budget-friendly styles that work with today’s most effective CPAP machines.

CPAPPro: CPAP PRO Deluxe No Headgear, No Straps, No Discomfort

If you worry about wearing a mask that may make you feel a little bit claustrophobic, you should know that there are other options out there.

For people who shy away from masks (which are far less restricting than they may imagine), the unit shown at left offers a high standard of CPAP care, without a mask.

Strap and headgear-free, this ingenious design features a molded mouthpiece and that holds a couple of respiratory tubes. These tubes carry air to the nostrils, via nasal “puffs”.

Affordable and very simple to order online, the CPAP PRO Deluxe offers excellent care that provides a whole new level of comfort during the nighttime hours.

Philips-Respironics: ComfortGel Blue with Headgear

This gel mask features soft, flexible contours for a perfect fit. Bestowed with special components that relieve pressure and muffle noise, this design is also latex-free, so it will never aggravate latex allergies.

Our ComfortBlue design looks complex, but it’s really easy to wear, and it provides stellar comfort and performance while you doze.

Now that you know how CPAP masks work to support better breathing during the night, why not invest in your own CPAP machine and CPAP nasal pillow or mask? These signature CPAP therapy products are the perfect blend of comfort and high-tech, doctor-approved design.