Is CPAP Therapy a Good Treatment Choice for Diabetics?


Yes, it is. According to a recent medical report which was compiled by the University of Chicago, continuous positive airway pressure therapy may be the key to unlocking optimum blood sugar levels in those who suffer from Type II Diabetes.

In other words, since sleep apnea which goes untreated makes the symptoms of Type II Diabetes worse, choosing the number-one, doctor-recommended therapy for sleep apnea (CPAP therapy) may be very good for your health.

When sleep apnea strikes, it causes stop-starts in breathing which may happen hundreds of times every night. These stop-starts in breathing put significant strain on the human body, thereby exacerbating pre-existing health conditions, such as Type II Diabetes.

In addition, untreated sleep apnea may trigger morning headaches, daytime fatigue, mood swings and loss of cognitive function.


Snoring is a Sign of Sleep Apnea

If you snore intermittently throughout the night and then wake up feeling exhausted, a form of sleep apnea, such as obstructive sleep apnea, may be to blame. A doctor will be able to confirm or exclude the presence of sleep apnea, based on a special test, known as a sleep study. Those who suspect that they have sleep disorders should therefore seek out appropriate medical care as soon as possible.

Men and women who participated in this landmark University of Chicago study were tested in terms of their metabolic rates and their blood sugar levels. Men and women who did not receive CPAP therapy, which utilizes CPAP masks, CPAP machines and CPAP accessories, suffered from breathing interruptions which contributed to more severe diabetic symptoms.

Conversely, those who used CPAP equipment while they slept felt more rested, had improved metabolic rates and also enjoyed healthier blood sugar levels. The longer patients utilized CPAP therapy each night, the better their blood sugar levels were…

This important study clearly highlights the health-boosting power of continuous positive airway pressure, as it relates to the management of Type II Diabetes. However, CPAP therapy is also a powerful and proactive treatment option which is designed to enhance overall health and well-being, while also minimizing the risk of long-term health problems, such as heart health issues or strokes.

In fact, those who begin CPAP therapy in order to combat obstructive sleep apnea may lessen the risk of developing Type II Diabetes.



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Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. Thank you for your very informative post. I know it is important to follow up a sleep study with the necessary CPAP equipment.

  2. Great content and true information. Ive been using a CPAP since 2008, this is a great for this medical condition and my sugar now was in normal level. I can’t sleep without it now.

  3. I’m going to show it to my Mom, who’s a new cpap wearer and was having a diabetics over a year.Thank you so much for the info.

  4. Clever explanation COOL. I’m a little bit curious at this moment. I am diabetic and also suffering in sleep. I’ll go and try it!!!!


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