Five Things You Can Do To Improve Your CPAP Mask Experience Without Spending A Dime!



Many will attest to the reality that a good fitting CPAP mask spells the difference between a bad or good night’s sleep.

Here are five quick things you can do to virtually assure a perfect CPAP mask experience, every time!

  • Soak it once a week in Vinegar and Water. A “one part vinegar and three parts water” mixture will decontaminate your mask within about thirty minutes. After a thorough rinse and air dry, your mask is now fresh, ready and supple for another night’s use.  A schedule of once a week soap and water CPAP mask cleaning is also recommended for maintaining top comfort.
  • Wash your face before using your mask. Clean skin supports maximum comfort of a CPAP mask.
  • If you use a mask liner, change it according to the product’s instruction or when skin irritation or itchiness persists.
  • Assure a proper fit. See the January 19th posting on fitting a full face mask if you use one. The same fitting principles apply to a nose mask. With nasal pillows, assure no leaking is occurring from the nose pieces and that these same nose pieces are cleaned daily.
  • Appropriate humidity settings, if required contribute to a mask’s overall comfort. Be sure to set your CPAP humidifier according to your sleep environment. See the blog post, CPAPclinic Talks About Quick Winter CPAP Humidity Tips!

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Here’s to your CPAP mask comfort!


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. Another perfect things found today ♥ I always wash the part that touches my forehead, and I personally wash every component of my nasal mask on a daily basis.

  2. For my hose I used a vinegar and water for the rest was soap. I fill the tube with it and hang it in the shower for about 20 mins or more…then rinse it well. But would try this and see how it works.

  3. When I cleaned it I never thought to use vinegar! Anytime I clean it I have to let it soak for what seems like ages but this gets the job done in 30 minutes! You just saved me time and helped me out when I go on my travels. I will go to the store tomorrow and get some. I would imagine standard white vinegar would do the trick.


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