The Resmed Swift Fx’s interchangeability quotient: Real or a Imagined?

Part Three, the Swift Fx Nano conversion.




We’re going to show you how this simple little mask, the Resmed Swift Fx , changes into different masks, like the NANO.

Today, we’re going to change the Swift Fx For Her into the original Swift FX NANO.

Here we go, as seen in the above video:

If the video won’t play, please enjoy the modified transcription below.

First, we’re going to take the front tubing assembly out of the front of the nasal pillows cushion.


Let me show you how I did this.

I pulled the soft square of the nasal pillows out from the opening square on either side. The soft squares of the NANO nose cushion insert (small, medium or large) into each open square.

Make sure you can read the NANO logo in front of you. If upside down, it will be incorrectly placed when worn. Change it so it is upright, if needed .

Pull on the soft plastic head gear on either side of the nose cushion just a little to assure the connection.

After doing this, the front tubing has its own grey circular frame which inserts into the front of the nose cushion. Once in, the tubing should swing freely, circle three hundred sixty degrees, and float inside its socket. And the final piece to this is the blue headgear. It slides in on the right and left side after removing the pink headgear. All pieces are now together.

This is now the original Resmed Swift Fx NANO.

Thank you for watching the NANO come into its own, right before your eyes!.

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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. Great review, keep it up!. For myself I would use the Swift FX Nano over the Wisp. The Wisp is a very good mask though. It’s worth a shot if you have the chance to try it on.

  2. All is great! I’m going to give this mask a try. I’ve been using the wisp and am happy with it, but I like trying new things.


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