Setting up the PAP in the home. Previously unknown options found?


Many PAP users will do just about anything to make sure their PAP experience works. Especially when they know it produces great sleep, night after night. And finding the best set-up for a CPAP is as simple as a night-stand for most.

But what if your personal sleeping area is different?

What are your options?

The good news is specialty PAP accessory manufacturers have created several options for the CPAP user, especially for challenging sleeping areas.

Here are a few unique scenarios:

• A mattress only arrangement.
• An inflatable mattress only
• A bed without a nightstand.
Let’s look at each scenario and solve its biggest PAP and PAP accessory placement issues.


Scenario One:
The mattress only arrangement or inflatable mattress creates obvious choices, like:

• The PAP can easily remain on the floor or upon the mattress without issue (away from the person sleeping by a few feet, to prevent accidental contact).

• While the PAP sits on the floor or the mattress, the tubing placement can be rather intrusive, creating an undesirable coiling or snake-like experience.


Options to ease:
• Consider the CPAP hose lift™ or Cozy Hose Boss™ which features easy assembly and allows for the hose to lift up and remain out-of-the-way.

• Another option is to affix the hose to your nightwear or blanket with Cozy Clips™, so it has limited movement during sleep.


Scenario Two
A two-mattress bed (without a nightstand) adds a few more favorable conditions and a few more issues too.

• The PAP can be on the floor. However, the tubing length sacrificed for this might be up to three feet, leaving the user with limited position changes during sleep.

• The CPAP can still be on the bed. And again it must be a distance away from the one sleeping to avoid accidental contact.  Except, the unit might fall off the bed, if kicked.


Options to ease:
The CPAPholder was created to be a PAP unit shelf. It sits between mattresses. And after a quick assembly, all three issues described above no longer exist. Let’s summarize:

• Instead of several feet of tubing sacrificed, it is now significantly reduced.
• The unit is no longer on the bed and won’t face being bumped or kicked.

With the CPAP hose lift or Cozy Hose Boss added, now your tubing is completely out-of-the-way, avoiding the “coiling of tubing” issue.



While this brief article cannot fully embrace all sleeping areas, we have attempted to discuss the more common challenges PAP users face,

To illustrate the existence of other approaches, let’s take a quick look at what others have done, at great expense of time, energy and money.

And as always, here at we’re up to date and are a phone call away if you need our friendly, professional help to determine what’s best in your particular situation.

Call 1.877.430.2727 for more.

Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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