Airsense 10 Hacking For Comfort In Three Steps



The video above covers hacking the Airsense 10 to assure specific comforts for sleep.

The three hacks covered include:

1) The humidity level
The humidity level allows for various temperature choices for humidity and heated air to blow toward you during sleep. Settings of 1 to 8 are offered. The higher the number, the higher the humidity output setting and heat level. You get to adjust for comfort.

2) The mask selector
The mask selector allows you to customize the air delivery of the machine by offering you three mask choices. When you know the type of mask you have, such as a full face mask, nasal pillows, or nasal mask, you can select which mask you use and the Airsense 10 will optimize your comfort.

3) The pre-warm function
The pre-warm function acts much like a pre-heart function for an over just before cooking. Only this option is to assure warm air is ready for you at bedtime, instead of having to wait for the heat.

All of these functions and more are detailed in the Airsense 10 manual for easy explanation and convenience.

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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. Thanks so much in putting these information together, good to know and am so interested about this Airsense 10 and how it works.


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