Are There Only Five Truly Good Sleep Apnea Treatment Choices? Part One




If you or someone you know is dealing with Sleep Apnea, then you know there are many ways to treat the situation. Just how many Sleep Apnea Treatment choices are there? Let’s count them up.

One neighbor of mine discovered many treatment choices. We’ll call him Terry.

At first, Terry couldn’t believe his diagnosis after a sleep study. And like so many who aren’t in a rush to get an expensive medical solution, he explored his options.

After a little research he compiled a brief action list to find a solution.

Here is his list:

  1. Throat exercises
  2. Snoring Aides
  3. Postural devices
  4. CPAP
  5. Misc


Here is what he found out about each option.

Throat and mouth exercises

Throat exercises have been found to possibly reduce the severity of sleep apnea by strengthening the airway muscles, making them less likely to close off or collapse.

These are just a few exercises:

  • Pressing the tongue flat against the floor of the mouth and brush top and sides with a toothbrush. Repeat brushing movement five times, three times a day.
  • Press the entire top portion of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and hold it there for three minutes a day.
  • Place a finger inside one side of your mouth. Hold the finger against your cheek while holding the cheek muscle at same time. Repeat ten (10) times, rest, and then alternate sides. Repeat three times.
  • Purse your lips (i.e. the kissing look). Hold your lips tightly together and move them up and to the right, then up and to the left ten (ten) times. Repeat three times.
  • Place your lips on a balloon opening. Take a deep breath through your nose then blow out through your mouth to inflate the balloon as much as possible. Repeat this up to five times without removing balloon from your mouth.

Terry gave the above exercises a try. After which, he wanted more options.

The next post covers what Terry learned about Snoring Aides and Postural Devices.

Stay tuned!



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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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