Top Ten Stress Management Tips by CPAPclinic

Stress Management

We all have some kind of stress in our lives. And it’s important to find the very best advice and manage our lives. We have compiled a small list of our best choices and today, we’re passing this list on to you!

Here are some all-purpose practical Stress Management Tips


  1. Make a list of “everything that concerns you.” Make sure you list of all concerns for a particular subject like “a specific relationship” or “money-making” for example. Fill up that page on both sides. Now, cross off anything you do not have 100% control over. Take five minutes or more to do this. If you have done this right, only a small part of your list remains. Focus on that small list. Let the rest of your list fade from your view. You now know where to put your energies
  2. Shower before bed. Water tends to relax and wash our stress away. And it can subconsciously signal a time to rest and sleep.
  3. Be social. Online, offline, phone, etc. It makes life better when you can talk things out. And you may find your emotions balance faster.
  4. Meditate. Whether you blank your mind for fifteen seconds, fifteen minutes or more, meditation quiets you down. Plus, this practice re-focuses you. It’s all natural and organic.And if you get really consistent, fifteen seconds may be all you need.
  5. Skip the evening news. Listen or watch what you prefer. This practice assures that you are in command of what gets your attention.

A few more tips

  1. Organize the most important area of your living space. Make it manageable and something you keep clear on purpose. This small discipline gives mental clarity, especially when you relax inside your personal living area. You might find yourself more productive.
  2. Arrive early to most appointments. Traffic is traffic. Planning ahead just a little more can have you arriving ahead of time is most cases, reducing your concern about timeliness. When you respect your own time, others will respect yours. And it feels great.
  3. Delegate tasks that involve people you trust. Share the load. Ease your mind.
  4. Say you’re sorry. No one is 100% right all of the time. Be specific about what you are sorry about and be silent afterwards, so the other person feels your honesty.
  5.  Worry is a silent attacker made bigger with attention. Imagine worry is a small character you push into the light. Figuratively shine a light on the worry so it gets smaller and smaller. Pay it no mind. It does go away the less you tend to it. Substitute it with something you have 100% control of. Repeat #1 tip to help.


Stress Management Wrap-up

Self management is a personal art. Should you find a gold nugget of good in the list above and use it, we support you 100%


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. Stress can really play games with your mind and body….coping and managing the stress can be tricky, so this is very helpful. It’s just your attitude that counts.


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