The Best Positions for Sound Sleep (With or Without CPAP)


Sound Sleep Positions

Your favorite sleep position might be giving you back and neck pain, stomach and abdomen strains, or could even be aging you prematurely. CPAPClinic has listed below the best positions for your body, and the ones to avoid.


The Best: Back position

Sleeping on your back can prevent neck and back pain, may reduces acid reflux, minimize wrinkles, and help maintain healthy chest muscles and tone. However, it is a bad position in terms of snoring. With a terrific CPAP mask and head and shoulder support pillow, sleeping in this position can still be optimum.




Next Best: Side position

Sleeping on your side can prevent neck and back pain. Additionally, it reduces acid reflux, and snoring. It’s the best position for sleeping during pregnancy, if you sleep on your left side. However, it can be bad for your skin and your chest tone.

Side sleeping can be improved with soft knee pillows and specialized pillows for ideal neck support.

The use of a CPAP in this sleeping position can be extremely effective.




Not Ideal: Fetal position

For women, It’s good for snoring less and sleeping during pregnancy, but it’s not so good for neck and back pain, minimizing wrinkles, etc.

For men, it’s great for reducing snoring but causes neck strain.

If a CPAP is used, the seal of the mask my be interrupted, causing leaks and ineffective sleep apnea therapy. Avoid this sleeping position as much as possible.




The Worst: Stomach position

It’s good for easing snoring, but it’s bad for everything else. This pose puts pressure on your joints and muscles, which can irritate nerves and lead to pain, numbness, and tingling. CPAP use will be very difficult in this position, making mask fitting frustrating and extended sleeping challenging.



However, with a pillow underneath your stomach and a smaller, lighter CPAP mask, sleep could be manageable. Do so with caution.

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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT


Questions ?

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