Securing Winter PAP Warmth


With winter-time finally kicking in, many want to optimize warmth in everything they do.

This includes sleeping.

Imagine warming up inside your bed with your comforter, favorite pillow and your best PAP mask/machine combination. You have put water in the humidifier, your mask is on properly and you’re ready for a good sleep.

Remember your PAP can deliver warmth when you work with the controls.


Here are some options for most PAP units –

Warm up the water before you place it in the humidifier chamber for immediate warm air delivery.

Some units allow the water to warm-up for a few minutes so you get immediate warm moist air when you’re ready to use your PAP and sleep. So, look for a control button to hold down or a command on a programming list on the LCD display (if your unit has a display.) to start the warming of the water inside your humidifier. You may require your user manual for a brief reference.

Or your unit may have a warming accessory like Climate-line tubing along with your warm water in your humidifier.

But what if you don’t have climate-line tubing? Or maybe your PAP unit won’t accommodate Climate line tubing? Try a hose cover, like the one shown here.



Alternate “Warming The PAP AIr” Options

There are tubing covers especially made to ensure the delivery of warmth from your PAP humidifier remains warm and does not condensate.

Some have gone as far as hiding their tubing under their bed covers to achieve a similar effect. Unfortunately, body movement in bed may shift the tubing out from underneath the bed covers and thus reduce the warming effect.

Consider accessories to make your sleep time ideal.


What About Your Face Warmth

Does your face get cold at night?

Consider Cozies which not only warm up your cheeks as you wear your mask but prevent marks on your face.

And of course, being wrapped up in warmth creates great sleep therapy from head to toe.

Have a warm winter!



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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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