Quick Get Started Videos For PAP Machine and Mask


Here are some video segments for you and your CPAP.


If you have a Redmed Airsense 10 unit, press play below:



General Cleaning Guidelines Video


If you have general issues with the mask and machine, start here:



Should you mouth tape? See the video below:


Mouth taping with a PAP device is NOT recommended with full face masks.

Mouth taping is doable with nasal masks. But there will still be leaking if your mouth opens even a little. If your PAP device warns of a large leak, mouth taping will be ineffective and of little benefit. Be sure to contact us to get feedback about your mask leak and mouth taping effort, to see if you have any benefit. When in doubt, please use a chin strap, your mask and PAP device for best results.


Breathe through your mouth? But what happens when you do?



For more videos, go to our channel.



About to buy a PAP device but need more to consider?

Follow this link for a complete explanation about PAP devices.

Please note: DME (durable medical equipment) provider is the equivalent to a vendor in Canada. The funding explained in this link is FOR THE USA only. Here’s the link.



Call 1.877.430.2727.

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