Should you change your PAP accessories earlier than usual?


If you own a PAP device, you’re well aware of cleaning and maintaining it all, including the mask, filter, tubing and humidifier chamber, i.e. pap accessories. The manufacturer of your PAP will have a recommended cleaning and maintenance schedule outlined in user manuals. However, many PAP users are free to change accessories as needed. When doing this, there are tell-tale signs of wear and tear which indicate when to change the accessories beyond the suggested accesory change schedule inside user manuals.

Here are some typical signs:


PAP Mask:

What to look for:

The soft part that touches your face, nose, around the nose, or around the nose and mouth is much softer than usual and may be discolored, yellowed or cloudy. Some mask cushions have inner plastic rings that may slip out or be broken.




Why it happens:

Repeated washing and wearing wears the soft plastic and hard plastic parts down. Skin oils, soap residue, etc all contribute to the softening of the face-touching silicone.


Best Time to Change the cushion:

If your mask has to be very tight on a consistent basis to prevent leaks and create a seal and it starts to irritate your skin, it is time to change the mask cushion.




PAP tubing

(between mask and PAP unit)


What to look for:

The connection points (on PAP and mask) look stretched out. When this happens, the stretched out portions are likely to develop small tears and holes, whether it is a heated tubing or a universal one.




If you aren’t using a heated tubing and a tubing cover, look for tears, fraying or ripping along the fabric tubing cover.


Why it happens:

Repeated wearing causes repeat pulling and twisting on the tubing itself during daily use. Pulling and twisting of tubing takes its toll over time and can lead to over-stretching and tearing.


Best Time to Change the tubing:

If your tubing is causing small leaks and noises and your sleep quality is poor, it is time to change the tubing.



PAP Filter:

What to look for:

When the filter on a PAP device is too dirty, it blocks the PAP device from blowing quietly. A dirty filter can also cause undesired smells and even slow down your prescribed pressure.




Why it happens:

When a PAP device is being used, room air is sucked into the PAP and is blowing out per the programmed settings. All dust/dirt is being trapped in the PAP filter and eventually will block air from going into the PAP partially or completely


Best Time to Change the filter

As needed, once a month or at the end of a season ~ depending on how much dust and dirt are in your sleeping area.



PAP Humidifier Water Chamber:

What to look for:

When the water chamber on a PAP device is too dirty, it creates longer clean up time. A dirty water chamber can also cause undesired smells and deter consistent use. The sealing gasket on some humidifier chambers also weakens and makes closing the water chamber difficult.


Why it happens:

When a PAP device is being used, room air is sucked into the PAP and blows out per the programmed settings. Minerals from water harden and can discolor the clear plastic (even with distilled water). Undesirable smells can also emerge from daily use. Mold can also develop and isn’t always visible, especially if you use your water chamber on a regular basis.


Best Time to Change the Water Chamber

The manufacturer of any water chamber for PAP devices recommends the changing of the chamber at the end of a year, regardless of how well it is cleaned or sanitized.




About accessories

Above all, it makes sense to inspect your PAP device and accessories to ensure a great sleep. We can help should you discover any inconsistencies in the equipment. We will be happy to help.


Did you know?

Lastly, some insurance companies will cover the replacement of PAP accessories as frequently as every 6 months. And as always, check with your plan and see if you qualify for a quicker replacement schedule. Then, give us a call 1.877.4390.2727 and we’ll make the process easy and friendly!



Call 1.877.430.2727.

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