The DreamStation Modem with Explanations (plus video!)

DreamStation Modem


Today we’re discussing the modem options for the NEW Respironics Dreamstation PAP device and the Dreamstation modem.

You may be familiar with this PAP device from Respironics due to its presence in the Canadian market since early 2016.

In today’s post we are covering your options for wireless communication for data analysis/retrieval beyond the SD card and DreamMapper system. This Respironics Dreamstation has provided two additional data retrieval options. And both options are two different modems. Only one can be used at a time.


Modem Placement

So lets take a look at the Dreamstation and placement for these optional modems.



The videos below show how you can expand the wireless capability of the Dreamstation with the wifi modem option. Watch without sound if you don’t understand German.



According to Respironics, either Dreamstation modem serves to retrieve your usage information data.


Modem Differences?

The difference between the two modems is the total capacity for information retrieval and efficient wireless transmission to your computer, tablet, laptop, etc.

The Wifi accessory option allows for up to 3G data retrieval whereas the Cellular modem option is for data retrieval for 3G and beyond through your own home modem system.

Both options (used individually) will automatically sync with your Dreamstation for seamless data retrieval and delivery.

The difference is how you want to access your usage data according to your wifi or modem connection.


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT



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