Explaining The Popularity of Resmed’s Swift FX: What’s the Big Deal?


Resmed’s Swift Fx nasal pillows system has been the marketplace for the last few years. It caught many user’s attention and has managed to raise the eyebrow of many who are seeking the best in PAP nasal pillow mask technology. With this emergence, claims about the Swift Fx’s performance value have remained steady and undaunted. This article will examine the marvel that is the Swift Fx.


Resmed’s Swift Fx has been touted as intuitive.

Just how is this nasal pillows CPAP mask intuitive?

Let’s take a closer look.

Straight out of the bag, a small arrangement of soft, near slippery headgear with a clip of Velcro strapping finds one’s fingertips. Soon to touch are the nasal pillows with long extendable tubing.

That’s it.

Upon closer inspection a few details take center stage.

The ribbed plastic (meant for the top of the head) grabs at the solidly designed adjustment housing and actually stays in place. The Velcro strap measures 44 cm or 17.5 inches when laid out on a table, before interlacing it into the head gear for adjustment. When the head gear is fully assembled, the Velcro hold is solid and unwavering.  These two adjustments hold firmly, allowing the mask to be taken off and replaced when needed, without re-adjustment concerns.

The mask comes ready out of the box with the medium size nasal pillows already in place. The other two sizes, small and large, are included.

Should medium be what you require, the mask is ready and is as claimed, very intuitive.

Replacing the cushion is quite easy when following the accurate illustrations within the included product user booklet.

The mask has strong value in adapting to the size of one’s facial landscape, remains light, and feels comfortably snug.

Conclusion; The Swift Fx is quite intuitive.



Another claim is that the Swift Fx remains in place and gives near perfect performance with any prescribed PAP setting.

Let’s give this a try.

Upon placing the mask on the head, its lightweight feature is remarkable, making the user wonder about it sustaining higher PAP pressures. Unbelievably, this mask lives up to its claim. The other side of this is tolerating higher pressures, which is a separate concern.  Alternatively, when sustaining higher pressures, the nasal pillows remain in place, seal comfortably and deliver as claimed.

When Resmed says premium performance, they are correct.


The pillows themselves maintain a solid nasal seal despite any movement during sleep?

Upon wearing this mask, it does travel with you in every direction, in the right way. The extendable tubing allows gentle flexibility so the entire nasal pillows system moves with you(i.e. from 36 cm to near 48 cm (15 to 19 inches)), not away from you. It also rotates 360 degrees.

Smart. Very smart.

This means the mask remains stable and flexible as claimed.



Is this cutting edge PAP mask technology?

It seems everyone is weighing in.

And it’s getting better.

This line of Swift Fx has expanded. There is a For Her version as well as the Generic version.

The line has now developed into the Swift Fx Bella and Swift Fx Nano.

Is Resmed planning more?

Time will tell.


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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    • Hi I’ve been using the Wisp…thinking about trying the Nano. Hope it will doing great. I heard some friends that its much comfortable than he Wisp one.

  1. A friend at work uses this and she swears it is better than the one her doctor had her using for 3 years. She has lost some weight so she didn’t need one she was using. She found it started waking her up more than helping her sleep. Anyways, great information here. I am sure others will be more willing to try this option.


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