Face Mask Fitting Tips You Were Never Told About



CPAP full face mask fitting is a necessary process for many CPAP users, new and experienced. Some would say it’s relatively easy while others say it’s a frustrating process. The full face mask has its share of details make it one of the best interface options around.


No two Full Face Masks Are Equal, But…

This type of mask follows some important handling and fitting instructions.  Many instruction manuals do explain the use of CPAP masks, including the full face mask. We have devised a super quick reference for your convenience.


Here are the Four Tips That You Need To Know:

1) Always assure balanced pressures all around your mouth and nose. This usually means backing off the straps completely and resetting the strap tension evenly, one set of straps at a time.


If your full face  mask has straps that are above your ears, pull the left and right straps back evenly. Not too tight though. The soft plastic is known to curl and create gaps, encouraging you to over-tighten.  Please avoid over tightening.

Repeat the same for the two straps below your ears.


Now you are ready to try and sleep.

If the mask starts to leak, repeat suggestion #1 and reset the straps. But this time pull back only slightly and evenly on the straps above the ears, then below the ears. This is a great  solution for many CPAP users.


2) Assure that the cushion (part that touches your face) is clean before using. This can mean wiping it off with a CPAP wipe or completely washing, rinsing and drying the soft mask cushion. This also means a better, more concentrated, non-slip fit.


3) Check those straps! If you have given into temptation with over tightening the straps, those straps might be over stretched a bit. If this is the case, consider replacing the straps. A good fit is better than half effective fixes on over stretched headgear (i.e. tape, stitching up the straps, etc.)


4) Your sleeping position is important to a good mask seal. Sometimes when we sleep, our movement during sleep can knock off or break the seal of a perfectly good full face mask, thereby causing incredible leaking and an even worse night’s rest.

Consider a CPAP pillow to help. It features full neck support plus carved out sections of the pillow to accommodate side sleeping to eliminate mask leaking.

A more ambitious approach is to tell yourself to sleep in one position for the night. It has been known to work and it might be worth a try.

Take-home points:

  • Always assure balanced pressures all around your mouth and nose.
  • Assure that the cushion (part that touches your face) is clean before using.
  • Your sleeping position is important to a good mask seal.
  • Check those straps!

Cpapclinic.ca is available at 1.877.430.2727 for questions about mask fitting.

Here’s to your CPAP full face mask success!



Call 1.877.430.2727 for help.

Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. “I love the mask, but I have to pull the straps really tight to stop the
    leaking so it creates really bad neck pain that wakes me up. I wish they
    had an alternative head gear for people with neck issues like me.”

  2. I’m tyring another mask while I heal that don’t go near the bridge of my nose (Liberty) but my machine is set to auto as high as 20, so it ends up leaking.

  3. Hello thanks for letting me know these fitting tips. The biggest problem I have with the fullface masks is the pressure on my bridge of my nose. Nose feels pinched and gets red and raw. Very painful!!

  4. My first few weeks I had the slipping problem. I found that using a wipe each night to get the oils off around the suction keep it in place better. I sweat when I sleep in the warmer months so making sure it stayed in place all night was a must. Once I had it clean and in place, it seems to stay better than when I didn’t wipe it each night.


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