You have to use a CPAP? Here’s how to handle that…Part Four


(In the last post, it was advised to use the CPAP while awake in a pleasant setting, This is the next step…)

Pleasantly distract yourself and keep using the PAP for 20 or 30 minutes or longer. This helps you to associate the CPAP with something that you enjoy doing, and you will be more relaxed when you use it at bedtime. If you need more time to adjust, extend this period or try again later. Many will advise using the system for all night or for no time at all. “All or none” methods usually fail. Easing into the PAP is smarter, easier and more natural, making it something you will be eager to do again.

You will find that by spending a little time adjusting to the PAP* with something pleasurable that it will be easier to use it at night. If you struggle, spend a little more time practicing during the day in the first week when you’re awake, as much as you need. Most people will find that after a few days and nights of persistence, using PAP gets easier. Although ultimately your persistence may vary from days to weeks, you can start to feel the benefits of treatment and deep sleep that you desire.


And if you need help

Importantly, if you run into difficulties, get help early from your provider, DME, supplier or sleep support team. Prompt interventions that correct early problems will ensure that the therapy is successful for you over the long-term. With early support, careful mask selection, and a little practice, you can get used to PAP treatment for your sleep apnea.

*a.k.a. CPAP


Call 1.877.430.2727 for help.

Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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