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Choose a CPAP Mask Depending on How You Breathe

 You will need a CPAP machine and a CPAP mask to overcome the primary symptoms of sleep apnea. There are three types of CPAP masks to choose from depending on how you breathe and how you want the mask to fit. You have to consider the pros and cons of each CPAP mask before deciding on which one to choose.

Nasal Mask

The nasal mask is preferred by individuals who want a comfortable and sturdy mask that stays on well even after repeated tossing and turning in bed. Of course, you must learn to sleep in one or two positions but if you are more active in bed, in a matter of speaking, then the nasal mask is the best option for you.

Aside from the comfort and ease of use, the nasal CPAP mask maintains a good seal. This is very important in the avoidance of skin problems brought on by leaks although it must be emphasized that a good humidifier can quickly resolve the issue. However, if you are a mouth-breather, then the nasal mask is not a good choice. You should also consider the fact that the headgear and straps of the nasal mask is more complicated.

Nasal Pillows Mask

If you suffer from claustrophobia brought on by a full-face CPAP mask, then go for the nasal pillows mask. Respironics and ResMed manufacture a few of the best nasal insert masks in the industry so it pays to check them out on your favorite CPAP retailer sites.

This type of mask is very easy to get on and off with fewer straps to worry about. Plus, you can still perform basic activities like reading books and watching television before going to sleep since it does not interfere with your line of sight. Add in the fact that it has ports for direct oxygen and you will have the best nights of your life in bed. However, beware that the nasal insert CPAP mask can cause skin injuries and can be pulled off easily in sleep. And if you are a mouth-breather, this is not the one for you, too.

Full Face Mask

For mouth-breathers, the best is the full-face mask. The best advantage of this type of mask is that you can breathe either through your nose or your mouth. You can even use it even when you have a cold or if your nose is congested. Plus, you need not worry too much about it falling off in your sleep.

Take note, however, of its disadvantages that include a claustrophobic feeling, sores on the bridge, and a tendency to leak all over the place. You should ask your doctor for tips on how to overcome these cons. Indeed, the right choice of a CPAP mask can mean the difference between life and death. We hope you choose life, of course.

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2 thoughts on “Choose a CPAP Mask Depending on How You Breathe”

  1. Mouth breathers seem to be slightly disadvantaged seeing as the only mask that works for them is the full face. I’m looking up how to ease the discomfort including the claustrophobic feeling before I recommend it to a mouth breather I know.
    Thank you for the read.

  2. Awesomel! I’m new to this, my doctor wants to set me up with a breathing machine to see how different my blood oxygen level would be. I never ever thought that I had sleep apnea. 

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