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Everything You Need To Know About Respironics Masks

When picking a CPAP Mask, sleep apnea patients will tell you that a comfortable fit is everything. Luckily, the new line of Respironics masks takes comfort to a new level with a flexible fit. If you are a sleep apnea specialist check out what Respironics has to offer to give your patients the best options available.

Respironics from Philips

Phillips, the makers of Respironics, is always on the move to redefine the state-of-the-art sleep apnea masks technology. More importantly, Respironics masks do not only promise durability and practicality; their masks are designed to meet the exact demands of sleep lab professionals, patients, and health care providers. 

The line of masks from Philips is impressive in that it becomes a chore to choose the one true mask for your patient’s use. However, reading the products’ descriptions can help you make a final selection. Toronto dealers sell these masks at discounted and wholesale prices.

This article goes into the details of the Respironics masks sold in Toronto home health care clinics; you can find several Respironics models for full face masks, nasal masks, and nasal pillows. Luckily, these masks are products of years of innovation and drive-testing to live up to the company goal of “improving people’s lives through timely innovation”. More so, it is guaranteed that once you have found the “fit”, it will fit for life.

Respironics Masks

Respironics masks in Toronto sleep apnea clinics have different configurations to suit different interface requirements. Currently, there are three types of masks: Full-face masks, Nasal Pillows Masks, and Nasal Masks. The latest solves the sore nose bridge problem and there are different dimensions to fit petite, small, medium, and large sizes.

With the sleep apnea patient in mind, the mask is designed with adjustable headgear without the buckles to free the forehead, side face, and vision areas from these cumbersome straps and buckles. There are even chin straps to keep these masks in place and ensure mask stability. These masks are 100% latex-free as all Philips MyLife Series Respironics masks in Toronto clinics.

The first sleep apnea mask from Philips was the OptiLife. Currently, OptiLife has notched up its sleep comfort features with OptiLife cradle cushions and OptiLife Nasal Pillows. The cradle cushions give you the non-invasive direct seal interface; the OptiLife nasal pillow has a contoured pillow interface for a comfortable interface into the nostrils, which assures leak-free performance. Dealers in Toronto are indeed confident of their Respironics models.

Other Philips Respironics Mask Options

For full-face mask requirements, check out the ComfortFull2 and ComfortGel Full; for nasal masks, compare the ComfortClassic, ComfortFusion, ComfortGel, ComfortSelect, and ComfortSelect, and ComfortLite2. Other Respironics masks in Toronto sleep apnea clinics are Profile, Lite, Total Face Mask, and Simplicity.

Want more choices. Try the EasyLife, FitLife, FullLife, and OptiLife – which are simple masks yet outfitted with sophisticated features for comfort fit and non-invasive, quiet operation, and extreme feather-light comfort.

Talk to your home health care provider and inquire about the Respironics masks. Toronto sleep apnea clinics are ready to provide wholesale or discounted purchases of these masks and machines. For more information, check out the Respironics masks in Toronto home health care provider websites. Your patients get the best deal in sleep apnea care and you earn the confidence of your patients.

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