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The Benefits of Nasal Masks

Once you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, finding the perfect CPAP machine and mask is the next step. Finding a perfectly fitting mask is very important. The entire treatment can turn out to be redundant without a comfortable and well-fitted mask. Keeping this in mind, nasal masks are the most popularly prescribed apnea masks in Ontario. They are especially suitable for new patients during their initial trials.

Nasal masks cover the entire nose and are held in place with stretchable straps. They are particularly suitable for fidgety sleepers as the side straps keep the mask in place. Also, since the mask covers minimal face surfaces, the patient can easily sleep on his sides and stomach. Their secure suction retains the air inside preventing allergies and dry mouth conditions.

To orient first-time users, nasal masks in Ontario even come with cushions in gel, silicone, or plastic. Some masks come with nasal pillows which have inserts for airflow. The forehead and adjustable cushion straps ensure that the masks can be adjusted to suit the face of nearly every CPAP user.

Nasal masks are much lighter in weight than full-faced masks and do not make one feel claustrophobic. There are many options in terms of styles, make and brands offered by the CPAP clinics in Ontario. You can choose from a wide array, starting from popular brands like Respironics, ResMed, ComfortLite, Fisher and Paykel, Mirage, Breeze to other lesser-known brands which are equally good, but available at a pocket-friendly budget.

While purchasing your nasal masks from a CPAP clinic in Ontario, it is important to consider the following:
  1. The fitting of the nasal mask is of primal importance to prevent air leaks. Otherwise, the treatment will be ineffective. Finding a nasal mask of the exact size and shape to fit snugly around the contour of your face can be very difficult. However, there are many nasal mask options in Ontario and you can ask your CPAP dealer to help you find the right size and shape.
  2. Since the nasal mask is to be used for a prolonged period, ensure that its material is flexible and soft or it could not cause extreme discomfort, worsened sleep, and allergies.
  3. You can request a trial of the nasal masks in Ontario or rent a particular mask before making your selection to confirm the ease and performance of the instrument beforehand. Since nasal masks are not very cheap, it is prudent to try them out before purchasing a particular model.


How it Works

CPAP increases the air pressure on the air passages – nose and throat. Patients with this type of sleep apnea go through alarming non-breathing episodes that cause fatigue and drowsiness during the daytime. To determine the type of sleep apnea, doctors put patients through a polysomnography or sleep test; during the test, doctors can pinpoint sites where air obstruction occurs and recommend a nasal mask if the obstruction is along the nose and throat.

The CPAP mask is attached to the CPAP machine by tubing, which transports a steady supply of pressurized air to the airways. The pressure is prescribed by a doctor, not a CPAP machine seller who can only help you make a selection from the range of CPAP nasal masks in Toronto health home care stores.


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