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Affordable Sleep Apnea Machines

If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, you may be interested in buying a CPAP machine that helps you to breathe properly all night long. However, the expense of purchasing such a unit may be a concern.

Rest assured, there are many affordable options when it comes to choosing the perfect CPAP machine for your tastes and budget. Today’s lightweight, portable designs are smaller, sleeker and less expensive than the CPAP machines of yesteryear.

In addition, if you’ve got a formal diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea from your doctor, you may be eligible for medical coverage that helps to reduce or eliminate the cost of choosing your own CPAP machine, along with any CPAP nasal masks and CPAP nasal pillows.

To help you see what’s out there and what is really affordable, we’ve compiled some product details about some of the most appealing styles at the lower end of the price point range.

Affordable Models With Great Features

Fisher-Paykel CPAP : ICON PREMO with Built In Heated Humidifier and ThermoSmart and with SmartStick Efficacy Data

When you choose this affordable model, which retails for $795.00, you’ll get so much for your money (and remember, it may be covered by your medical insurance).

This budget model offers the sleep apnea treatment that you need without costing you a fortune.

Equipped with ThermoSmart technology that expertly controls humidity for enhanced comfort, this unit also offers data communication options that allow you to customize your user experience.

In addition, you’ll gain access to a handy alarm clock that even plays music (it’s called AlarmTunes).

KEGO CPAP – Transcend

This unit sells for $885.00, and it is the most compact CPAP machine that you will find anywhere in the world. Ease and convenience will be at your fingertips as you take your machine along with you anywhere that you want to go.

This affordable and practical design has the features that you need to arrest the stop-starts in breathing that are so characteristic of obstructive sleep apnea.

The Kego CPAP Transcend comes with a strong warranty, and it offers durability and reliability, while still weighing in at under one pound in weight. While it costs a little more than the unit we discussed earlier, it is still a very good investment for what you will pay. Talk to a sleep apnea treatment specialist to find out more…

Choose the Make and Model that Suits Your Personal Needs

Of course, there are more expensive options out there that may offer more programmable features and all of the “bells and whistles”. Which model you choose really depends on your personal needs and your own budget.

If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, but you haven’t gotten a formal diagnosis, it may be time to see your doctor. Through “sleep studies” and other types of diagnostic tests, a skilled, licensed physician will be able to let you know exactly why you’re having breathing problems at night and waking up tired, headache-y and out of sorts.

Never take chances with your health. Instead, choose an affordable sleep apnea machine today…


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3 thoughts on “Affordable Sleep Apnea Machines”

  1. I just purchased a Resmed AirSense 10 and found this post to be extremely informative and well thought out.

  2. Really helpful. I had to wear my CPAP last night and I made it through. I love the machine so far, it only take 20mins and well worth it…just saying

  3. Great piece of work. I am going to save these to come back I really need one of these. Thank you for sharing. With regards Jack!!

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