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The CPAP Mask Instructional Series – Resmed Airfit F10 Full Face Mask


The CPAP Mask Instructional Series – Resmed Airfit F10 Full Face Mask



The Resmed Airfit F10 is a full face mask manufactured by Resmed. It’s  super-lightweight, smart design makes it an ideal addition to your CPAP therapy, providing you with comfort, feather-light weight, and secure delivery of pressurized air.

Created with few number of parts, cleaning and upkeep of the Resmed Airfit F10 is faster and more convenient than other similar products. The cushion readily snaps in its place after cleaning.  ResMed’s premiere designed headgear supports this mask without a forehead support.  The compact, feather-weight frame offers a full line of sight while minimizing facial contact. And the soft cushion ensures a comfy, secure seal around the nose and mouth.  The Resmed AirFit F10’s SoftEdge headgear features reduced rolled-edge straps that provide relaxed support without over-tightening or pinching.

The Resmed AirFit F10 sports a one-piece elbow with quick release squeeze-buttons, so it’s very  easy to detach with one hand at a moment’s notice. The elbow rotates 360º which includes an independent tube swivel that reduces tubing drag.  Expansive venting, around the elbow, delivers a super quiet performance.  Air is dispersed completely away from the user and bed partner(s) so all can enjoy a very quiet, comfortable night’s rest.

The Resmed AirFit F10’s user-friendly design is easy to fit and even faster to maintain. It possesses four parts — elbow, frame, cushion, and headgear — so there’s little need to worry about losing small parts or breaking clips. Headgear Loops on the frame make it very easy to detach and reattach the headgear without constantly adjusting it. The cushion attaches to the frame with a  quick click and separates with a squeeze. Taking care of this mask is quick and efficient.  With only a few parts to care for, this full face mask is ideal for those on the go or at home.


The Video

Check out the link below, which shares with you how to disassemble and reassemble the Resmed Airfit F10.





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