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Which CPAP mask is best for side sleepers? by CPAPClinic

Which CPAP mask is best for side sleepers?

Today we’re exploring the best New CPAP masks in 2017 to use for side sleeping.

They are:

  1. Respironics Dreamwear
  2. Resmed’s N20
  3. Fisher-Paykel’s Brevida

We will cover each mask for you.

Let`s get started.


The Respironics Dreamwear


The Respironics Dreamwear can come in one size (i.e. small, medium, large or large-wide) or in a Fitpack, with all sizes included. That said, the mask is meant as an under the nose mask, with the CPAP pressure pushing through 2/3rds of the headgear and frame. This affords the user to side-sleep and constant, uninterrupted pressure from the CPAP to control sleep apnea.



The key to a proper fit (per Respironics) is to wear one size down from the recommended size (as indicated by using the included size gauge).


For example, if the size gauge recommends a large size to seal under your nostrils, a medium will most likely be optimal. For this reason, get the Fitpack (with all sizes inside) so you have flexibility in what size you use.)

In terms of comfort and side sleeping, when the size is right, the user gets to experience the softness of the silicone headgear and frame, with the Velcro strap sitting against the back of the head. For most, the fit will be very comfortable. The additional advantage the user has with side sleeping is that the nose-piece is small enough to avoid being dislodged from bedding and pillows.There are small adjustments to optimize the comfort and use of this mask, as demonstrated in the video below.



The Resmed N20

The N20 is a nose only mask coming in small, medium and large sizes for anyone and small for females. For a lightning quick reference go here.

The mask provides excellent fitting features outlined below.

  • Comfortably stays with you during sleep throughout the night
  • Sports the InfinitySeal™ cushion technology, adaptive and flexible
  • Ideal for those people who nose-breathe during sleep

Making sure the fit is correct is performed easily with magnets and velcro, allowing an optimum fit between tight and loose. And of course, knowing the right size for your mask is essential.

Here’s a quick video demo of the fitting template.


Fitting guide is here:


Here’s Resmed’s One Minute Fitting of the N20


Ultimately, the N20’s well-fitting design is held close to the face, with a detachable tubing  and reconnection for “quick release and snap on” situations. When it comes to side sleeping, the N20 nasal mask stays with you long enough to prevent leaks throughout the night. For those who tend to sleep face down or something close consider this addition and possibly this one.



The Fisher-Paykel Brevida


The Brevida by Fisher-Paykel has been released as the newest up the nose only mask, featuring

  • AirPillow™ Seal

The innovative AirPillow™ fills with air from your PAP device to form a soft seal

  • Adjustable Headgear

Adjustable headgear is designed to remain in place during active sleep, staying on with side sleeping.

  • Washable Diffuser

The diffuser reduces noise and practically eliminates air draft. It is also washable and durable.

NOTE: The mask does not come with a size gauge. However, all sizes are included to test and assure a proper fit.


For specific mask details, see this quick video.




A CPAP mask makes or breaks great sleep. Today we have covered three new masks that can be optimized for side sleeping.

Remember, you can try before you buy!

Give us a call 1.877.430.2727 and take advantage of one of our three locations.

Remember, when mask comfort is optimized, great sleep is inevitable.



Call 1.877.430.2727 for help.

Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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