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Part Four: Top CPAP fails and How to solve them

 Part Four: Top CPAP fails

and How to solve them

For some CPAP users, the pressure generated from the unit is a big problem, even after fixing mask fitting issues.

Today’s topic is: I can’t tolerate the forced air that well. What now?

This issue creates an unfortunate CPAP Fail. But there are options to turn this around.

So, here’s some good news:

You may be able to overcome this issue by using the “ramp” feature on the CPAP machine. The “ramp” feature allows you to start with low air pressure, which is then followed by an automatic, gradual (programmable) increase that eventually sets itself to the pressure you were prescribed by your doctor. The rate of this “ramp” feature can be adjusted by your doctor as well, if required. The key to remember is that ramp is for the beginning of your sleep, not for all night-long.


There’s More

Another feature on newer CPAP units is pressure relief. Pressure relief is when you exhale, the pressure of the CPAP drops a little, making it easier to breathe out. Some CPAP have degrees of relief annotated by 1, 2, or 3 on the LCD screen. Many units allow you to adjust this feature yourself. If you can’t, contact your provider, manufacturer of the unit, DME or fellow CPAP user. And of course, the included instruction manual can help.

Finally, If none of this helps, ask your physician whether you can switch over to a APAP or BiPAP machine. But make sure you check if this is something that would work better for your treatment needs.Your sleep doctor can assess your need for these specialty units by using the data from your most recent sleep study.

This is part four in a series.


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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