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Respironics Nasal Pillows OptiLife Replacement Parts

OptiLife is the first mask in the MyLife series of masks from Philips Respironics. People prefer Respironics OptiLife because of its minimal body contact and maximum comfort. OptiLife nasal pillow features a headgear design and a chin support band that allows it to be fastened on the face. The device can be fitted on the face easily, even with single hand. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and is durable enough to meet the users’ daily use demands. Respironics nasal pillows OptiLife replacement parts are available in leading CPAP stores.
OptiLife products are designed to offer maximum comfort to patients suffering from sleep apnea. The mask pack comes with a flexible tubing that can stay secure even in the most challenging sleep conditions. The cradle cushion adds more comfort by offering a less invasive and minimal contact interface with the patient’s face. The cradle cushions feature a flat surface and a deep arc for offering maximum comfort and airtight sealing. They are available in different sizes like small, medium, large and large-narrow.
Respironics nasal pillows have got soft headgear straps that can be fitted on the cheeks easily. There are no buckles, so you don’t have to worry about their safety. Once you wear, they are there until you wake up fresh in the morning. The straps are easy to adjust according to your requirements. They do not cause sore spots on your face. The straps are made of the best quality material, so they offer the maximum comfort to the wearer. They are available in four sizes: petite, small, medium and large.
CPAP Clinic, a leading supplier of equipments and accessories for the treatment of sleep apnea, offers Respironics nasal pillows OptiLife replacement parts at the best price. We supply the pillow cushions in different sizes so that they can fill the nostrils comfortably without leaving any gap between the cushion and the walls of the nostrils. An appropriately sized cradle cushion should also not block the nose. At CPAP Clinic, we offer you the personalized design for your nasal pillows. We supply small, medium, large and large narrow cradle cushion sizes available as Respironics nasal pillows OptiLife replacement parts.
CPAP Clinic also supplies all replacement parts of Respironics nasal pillows including tubing, cradle cushion, and headgear straps. Our sleep apnea product range includes Auto CPAP (APAP) machines, CPAP basic machines, CPAP compact and portable machines, and a wide range of CPAP accessories like nasal masks, full face masks, nasal pillows, etc., from leading manufacturers in the world. To know more about us, please contact us at:

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For more information on Respironics Nasal Pillows OptiLife Replacement Parts or CPAP Nasal Masks, please visit or call 1-877-430-CPAP(2727).

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