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The importance of CPAP Parts in Toronto

CPAP machine is the most common and effective form of treatment for sleep apnea. All you need is a CPAP machine and mask to get started.

CPAP mask is the interface between the machine and you. The machine delivers continuous supply of regulated air pressure through the mask fitted snugly over your mouth and nose. These masks, also called sleep apnea masks, are thus the most important among all CPAP parts in Toronto and elswwhere. The success of the treatment depends on the fitting and comfort of these masks. An ill- fitting mask would lead to leakage of pressurized air and thus, in addition to rendering the treatment futile, can cause further complications.

Since these machines to treat sleep apnea come for a heavy price, it is essential to do a complete research on the machine and its parts before buying them. Here is a quick look into the important CPAP parts apart from the masks available with all major CPAP clinics in Toronto:

  1. 1. CPAP tubing

The CPAP mask is connected to the machine through flexible tubing, also known as hose. This tubing facilitates the delivery of pressurized air to the masks or humidifiers. The smoother the tube, the quieter the machine will be. Although the tubing should be able to last for up to a year with proper care, it is advisable to replace the hose every three months. The patient could suffer from serious respiratory problems if he inhales air from infested tubing.

  1. 2. Humidifiers

Dry pressurized air delivered through the hose can lead to sneezing, nosebleeds, congestion and coughing caused due to dryness of mouth and nose, and sore throats. A humidifier helps counter this by adding moisture to the air introduced. Some machines have passive humidifier attached to the machine where pressured air is run through cold water before passing onto the hose. Other machines utilize heat to create moisture. They are available even as an integrated part of your CPAP in Toronto. This would be smaller and eliminates the need for additional hoses and power cords. However, integrated units are generally compatible with only one machine whereas a stand-alone humidifier is a universal module and can be connected to most machines.

  1. 3. CPAP filters

These filters remove bacteria, pollen and dust from the delivered air, ensuring that people inhale clean air. There are two types of CPAP filters

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  1. Regardless, it is a good idea to check in and make sure you are doing everything that needs to be done. I been reading few blogs about how to keep the machine clean and operational tips. It was so helpful that I found your site and one of these days gonna visit your area.

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