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Is My Airsense 10 PAP Humidifier Chamber Burning Water? What To Do About It

Is My PAP Humidifier Chamber Burning Water? What To Do About it


The Resmed Airsense 10 CPAP (or APAP) is quickly becoming the go-to unit for optimally treating sleep apnea.* And for many users, the included humidifier system is just as impressive due to its ability to keep the user comfortable during sleep with a fully enabled PAP humidifier chamber.

For some users, a noticeable “spot formation” appears inside of the water humidifier chamber occasionally, raising some concern. We recently discussed this occurrence with Resmed.

Here’s what Resmed explains:

“The discoloration at the bottom of the inside portion of the chamber is most likely a mineral deposit calcified (and not necessarily burnt). It is water residue stuck or warmed into the aluminum or stainless steel bottom. It is nothing to be alarmed because it is harmless. There can sometimes be a dark dot or collection thereof. The easy way to remove it is to soak the area with lime juice.”

Here’s what to do:

  1. pour a small pool of lemon juice into the water chamber
  2. soak the spot for five to ten minutes
  3. rinse, then wash and rinse with warm (or hot) water
  4. for extra cleaning, pool white vinegar for up to thirty minutes, repeat step three until the vinegar scent is gone

After which, the spot fades or breaks free and the inner portion of the humidifier chamber can either be cleaned further with 100% pure soap and water or be disinfected with 25% white vinegar/75% water solution,” said the Resmed Representative for Ontario, Canada.



When asked if this approach could be used with ResMed chambers (on previous Resmed Humidifier Chamber models), the answer was yes. Remember, though,: consistent humidifier chamber cleaning does not diminish the aging of the container.

Finally, the best advice is to replace the water chamber for any PAP unit at the end of one year of regular use or call Resmed for guidance 1-800-424-0737.


Call 1.877.430.2727.

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*Source –

The Resmed Report

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