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CPAP Mask and Your Snoring Problem

The symptoms of sleep apnea affect not just the patient but the housemates and bed mate, too. On one hand, your spouse also suffers from sleepless nights die to your excessively loud snores, abrupt awakenings and episodes of breathing cessation. On the other hand, you suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness, morning headaches and depression, not to mention that you also have higher risks for heart diseases, strokes and diabetes. Out of all these symptoms, however, it is probably your loud snoring that requires immediate attention lest even the neighbors complain of noise pollution. Well, that is what the CPAP mask and machine are for, my dear!

What the CPAP Machine Does

If you do not know by now, CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Basically, it delivers controlled air into your respiratory passageways and, hence, preventing the symptoms of apnea particularly loud snoring and repeated cessations of breathing. You can choose from either the CPAP mask or the nasal pillow depending on your medical needs and physical preferences. For example, if you want the device to stay in place regardless of your tossing and turning in sleep, then the CPAP mask is the better option. However, if you suffer from claustrophobia, then go for the nasal mask.

No matter which type you use, you should enjoy the foremost benefit of using the CPAP machine – your snoring problems will be considerably lessened until such time that it virtually disappears. Now, that is the benefit that everybody in the house has been waiting for, probably for years and years. It must be emphasized that not all sleep apnea sufferers will benefit from a CPAP machine. You have to discuss treatment options with your doctor such as lifestyle changes, medications and even surgery.

However, if you are qualified to use the CPAP machine and you are comfortable with the CPAP mask, then you should continue their use even when you experience problems and/or benefits. The trick in a healthier life with sleep apnea is that therapy is followed on a daily basis instead of leaving it when things go bad or good. For example, if you experience leaky problems with the CPAP mask, you should find solutions for it. Think adjustment of the straps, use of Carmex and washing of face before use.

What to Do for Faster Response

Of course, the CPAP machine is not the be-all and end-all of sleep apnea treatment. It is just a machine designed to deliver continuous, controlled air into your air passageways, not a miracle cure. With that being the case, it will help your cause for health if you can adopt the following tips:

* Lose excess weight, which will help in easing constrictions on the throat.
* Avoid the use of medications like sleeping pills and alcohol, both of which relax the throat and, hence, leading to difficulty in breathing.
* If possible, shift sleeping positions preferably to your side or stomach. Sleeping on your back can lead to blockage of the passageways.
* Keep your nasal passageways open while your sleep, be it during the night or during daytime naps. Use nasal decongestants, if you have to.

Indeed, the CPAP mask and its machine will do so much for the treatment of your sleep apnea. However, do extend a helping hand.

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