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CPAP Nasal Masks – Breathe Easy and Sleep Easy

CPAP nasal masks offer a more comfortable feel than full faced CPAP masks. Still there are choices to make when shopping for a nasal mask.

Nose Breathers and Sleep Apnea Nasal Masks

Sleep disorders such as insomnia and narcolepsy, can be detected but not sleep apnea. Insomnia sufferers and individuals who experience excessive sleepiness during the day know there is something wrong with their sleep habits. But individuals who have sleep apnea cannot detect they have the problem unless their sleep has been observed as having apnea episodes or non-breathing spiels.

When you have sleep apnea, your air passages are either blocked or you simply do not have the drive to breathe regularly to feed your lungs the air they need. During sleep, you stop breathing beyond regular intervals between breathes. If this happens five times or more within an hour, you have sleep apnea. If you are a nose breather, the doctor will prescribe a CPAP nasal mask.

Visit dealers of CPAP nasal masks in Toronto if you get your doctor’s recommendation for a mask. This is triangular in shape and worn over you nose. Prongs are fitted into the nose through which air from the CPAP machine that flows to the tubing towards the prongs are directed towards the nasal air passageways. Generally, the newer models of CPAP nasal masks are more comfortable than their predecessors but it would still take some time before users get used to the prongs.

Available CPAP nasal masks in Toronto run the range of hard plastics to soft latex. The newer models are curvier to conform to the facial contours and these have snug adjustable straps to hold the mask in place. The headgears are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and material and may be sold separately.

Go for Comfort Whatever the Brand

Some brands of CPAP nasal masks, like the DoubleGel from ResMed contains blue gel layer and are ultra quiet. Fisher and Paykel offers lightweight easy-to-use mask. This has pillows that connect to a swivel mechanism allowing patient flexibility and mobility. You can sleep on your side or face down because the tubing can be mounted either ways – front or side of the face. Ask your dealer
of masks in Toronto for more models from different brands to get a first-hand idea of what you’re going to get.

If you are presented with Respironics models, ask for a mask with cradle cushion technology. This feels almost identical to the nasal cushions but is more comfortable and the mask, extremely lightweight and there are no interfaces pieces that obstructs the view; you can wear your reading glasses and read in bed, or watch TV if it is part of your going-to-bed routine. Putting on the mask is easy; you can do it with just one hand!

If dealers of CPAP nasal masks in Ontario are informed of your requirements, you are presented an array of masks and you can rent one that shows promise of comfort fit and security from leaks. Rent or buy CPAP nasal masks in Toronto; as long is it’s a perfect fit you can sleep easy and breathe easy.

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