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Get your expensive CPAP device insured!

CPAP machines are typically covered by insurance as a durable medical equipment benefit.
They are expensive devices and need to be replaced frequently to prevent respiratory infections, skin irritation and breakdowns or ineffectiveness of the mask. Some of the common signs which suggest that headgear needs to be replaced are leaks, loosening of the mask, loss of elasticity etc.

Some insurance companies cover only certain types of CPAP devices. In deciding which CPAP machine to use, one should think about the features and accessories that the patient may require. The basic parts provided with CPAP machines are masks and its attachments, humidifiers, air tubing and filters. A carrying case or travel kit may also be provided by some manufactures.

More sophisticated machines with higher costs that are not automatically covered by insurance may be covered after a specific medical prescription and documented failure to respond to standard CPAP treatment.

General Instructions to apply for Insurance are:

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