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Know the CPAP Parts and Their Workings in Your Health

Sleep apnea continues to adversely affect the lives of millions of individuals afflicted with sleep disorder. Of course, their families and friends suffer, too, in that sleep apnea causes significant health issues ranging from loud snoring to cessations of breathing episodes.

You and your spouse can wake up in the morning feeling less than energized because of lack of sleep the night before. Now, picture this happening for years on end and you will be grateful for the investors of the CPAP machine.

Getting to Know the Parts

There are three major CPAP parts in every machine regardless of brand. The first is the flow generator, which is considered as the heart of the machine. This is because it is the part where airflow pressure is provided and adjusted.

You should never place the flow generator in water lest short circuits happen. Instead, just wipe it with a moist cloth followed by a dry one on a daily basis.

The second is the hose, which serves as the bridge between all the CPAP parts. Basically, it connects the flow generator with the user interface.

By the way, you have to clean the hose on a weekly basis to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust, which can pass through the tube into your air passageways. It is also important to replace the hose when this becomes visibly dirty or torn.

The third part is the user interface. Despite its scientific-sounding name, this is the most recognized and most used of the CPAP parts simply because this comes in contact with your face. If you do not know by now, this is simply the mask or the nasal pillow.

Just like he hose, you have to clean the mask on a daily basis. This way, dirt, dust and facial oils will not accumulate on its surface, which can adversely affect its performance. Depending on the manufacturer, you should replace the mask every 3-6 months or when visible signs of wear and tear are present.

Getting to Know the Mechanism

To understand how the CPAP parts work in your health, you must first understand how the respiratory system works during sleep. In a normal person, meaning one who is diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is natural for the airflow going to the windpipe to stop.

This usually happens during the time between inhalation and exhalation. In this case, the soft palate begins to droop but is able to regain its firmness, so to speak, in normal persons.

For sleep apnea sufferers, however, this can be very problematic. There are longer pauses between the time of inhalation and exhalation so much so that the breathing seems to stop for a few precious seconds. The result is that oxygen flow to the body is dangerously lessened, which can lead to increased risks for a heart attack or a stroke.

The CPAP parts work against such repeated cessations of breathing by providing for a means with which the airways are open. This way, there is always sufficient air flowing into the respiratory system and, hence, oxygen into the body.

Once you know of the ways that each of the CPAPO parts work, you are better able take care of them. In so doing, you can take better care of your health, too.

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