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Picking the right sleep apnea mask for you

If you suffer from sleep apnea disorder, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy may be your perfect solution. CPAP masks are customized to fit snugly to the contours of the face. An uncomfortable or inappropriate fit may cause complications like nasal congestions, dry mouth and sores, to name a few. This could be avoided by following a careful trial and error method before you decide to purchase a CPAP mask for yourself.
There are three types of CPAP masks available in mask retail in Toronto: full-face masks, nasal masks and nasal pillow masks.
Full Face Mask
Full-face CPAP masks in Toronto cover the bridge of the nose and extend towards the lower lip and chin with additional side straps at the forehead and mouth level. The full-face CPAP masks provide you with by far, the best secured attachment to the head area among all CPAP masks in Toronto. They lessen the incidence of it falling off your face. Full-face CPAP masks in Toronto make breathing easier and provide relief from lungs and muscle problems. However, as they cover your full face, they can also be very claustrophobia-inducing.
Nasal Masks
Nasal masks cover the whole nose reaching out till its bridge. They deliver steady air pressure needed to treat sleep apnea. The side straps at the forehead and mouth levels keep the mask in place. If you are a restless sleeper, nasal masks are ideal for you. The secure suction action and the double side straps ensure that the mask stays in place even with frequent changes in sleeping positions.
Nasal masks also benefit patients who require high level of air pressure to be maintained. Also, because of the secure suction action, the air is retained inside the mask, protecting you from dry mouth, stuffy nose, skin irritations and teary eyes.
Nasal Pillow Mask
If you are claustrophobic, nasal pillow masks in Toronto stores are best suited for you. The nasal pillow masks have inserts that shoot air directly towards the nose. These types of masks do not cover the whole face and provide you a full vision range. There are two types of nasal pillow masks in Toronto – ball cap and side straps. The ball cap strap type masks are devoid of the side straps and so are well-suited for side sleepers. Meanwhile, the side strap style is placed just below the nostrils and is secured by side straps. You can even purchase a pillow interface for Nasal Pillow masks in Toronto for more comfort.
Regardless of the type of mask chosen, the most important thing is that you must choose one with the right fit and size from the CPAP mask retail in Toronto.

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