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Commandments for sleep? Here they are…

 Commandments for sleep? Here they are…


Commandments for sleepCommandments for Great Healthy Sleep

  1. Design specific times for getting to bed and for getting up. HINT: think about the time you want to wake up as you fall asleep. It can work!
  2. If you nap during the day, more than 45 minutes can spoil night-time slumber. Set a gentle timer just before you nap.
  3. Halt consuming alcoholic beverages three to four hours before bedtime and don’t smoke at all.
  4. Avoid caffeine beginning six to eight hours before bedtime. This includes coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate.
  5. Steer clear of heavy, spicy, or sugary foods starting four hours before bedtime. A light snack (low calorie, maybe a carbohydrate mix) just before retiring can help.
  6. Exercise regularly, avoid it for up to six hours before bed.
  7. Use very comfortable bedding and pillows.
  8. Experiment and fix a comfortable temperature setting for your bedroom on a nightly basis, and keep the room well ventilated via open window, ceiling fan, and/or open door, etc.
  9. Shut down out all distracting noise and block off as much light inside your sleep area as much as possible.
  10. Reserve your bedroom specifically for sleep. It is not supposed to be an office, a workroom, a movie theater, or TV viewing venue.


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