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Dry Mouth and Throat from PAP? Here’s a list of possible solutions…


Dry Mouth & Throat from PAP? Here’s a list to save your sleep time!

Dry Mouth & Throat

When dealing with a dry mouth and throat using a PAP device,  sometimes it is simple to solve while other times the issue requires a closer look. Here is a quick checklist to employ.

The List of Troubleshooting a Dry Mouth & Throat

A good place to start is at the point of the mask, like this:

  1. Re-adjust mask to be as balanced or “not too tight or loose” so it seals and leaks go away, thereby holding humidity inside the mask, and delivering it properly into your mouth and throat.

The humidifier seetings also become critical to your comfort, like this:

  1. Turn your humidifier up and test each setting to chase dryness away.
    Use more water in your PAP water chamber but not above the mximum fill line. It might be drying out during the night.
  2. Check your PAP for enhanced humidity options. Your PAP manual may detail this point.

The next point of consideration involves accessories, like this:

  1. A chinstrap can offer a quick solution to keep the mouth closed and retain upper airway humidity.

Or, a change of equipment might be indicated.

  1. A complete change of mask might be necessary if it’s too old, weakened and leaked from regular use.

External factors might be influencing your plight.

  1. If you use medication, check the side effect(s) explanation that came with the medication. Dryness might be a result of medication side effects. Consult your physician for dosage adjustments.
  2. Are you consuming enough water and water based vegetables for proper daily hydration?
  3. Does your sleeping area have too many windows or doors open, therefore challenging your PAP humidifer to to its proper work. Maybe close a window or two, lower the fan speed and/or close a door.

That tube “facilitating the delivery all of that air” might be the culprit.

  1. A heated tubing or tubing cover can make the delivery of humidity more consistent.
  2. A practical but temporary solution is blanketing your PAP hose as you sleep, holding a measure of humidity and delivering it to you.

Moreover, did your Doctor discuss other health issues that might be complicating matters?

  1. Is there a second or third diagnosis your doctor told you about that might be contributing to mouth dryness? It might be worth a phone call or visit.

In conclusion, this list is by no means complete. If your dry mouth persists despite the solutions above, consult your attending physician for a closer examination.

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Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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  1. I bought a cpap machine cuz i know i have SA but never had sleep study. Can i figure out my own air pressure?

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write these solution guide. Very much appreciated. Good luck to me and it sounds like a full face mask would be more appropriate for me.

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