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How to help a snorer ~ the easy way, Part One

How to help a snorer ~ the easy way, Part One

So you’ve helped someone who snores, but the snorer insists on sleeping on their side to solve their snoring.

Is this a good thing?

Yes, it’s a start. For some, side sleeping actually reduces snoring to some degree.

But a question follows, is it enough? Will it prevent a larger, unseen health issue? Maybe. Maybe not.

But let’s run with the option to alter one’s sleeping position to alleviate snoring.

The Side Sleeping Option

Side sleeping can be a solution to snoring ~ temporarily speaking.

Here’s why: sleeping position is not static for most people.

And before explaining why, let’s understand how sleep works.

Please follow this link.

Moving During Sleep

After understanding how sleep works, we should examine another fact about our nocturnal experience: We all move during sleep.

The inevitable question now is this: can a person re-train themselves to sleep in a particular position?

The answer is yes and no.

Let’s start with the “yes” answer. Re-training one’s sleeping position one may require a bit of help from products that make the re-training process very comfortable. Below is a list of products which assist the sleeping position change and the potential reduction of snoring and how.

The Slumberbump is an inflatable which is worn with a velcro strap that accommodates different chest sizes. This item helps reinforce side sleeping by impeding back sleeping.

The knee pillow is a special pillow to assist your comfort level while sleeping on your side. It offers supreme comfort for the knees so they do not crunch down, bone to bone. Instead, there is soft naturally aligned support between the knees.

The sleeping pillow is designed to increase comfort for sleeping position reinforcement and can be utilized for effective side sleeping comfort. It can be easily combined with the Slumberbump and knee pillow if desired.

And there’s more to consider

As for the “no” answer to re-training one to sleep in another position, it is a matter of context. If a snorer has been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, no sleeping position may be able to help and snoring may persist without treatment like a sleeping device or doctor intervention. Before we get into further steps, Doctor intervention and prescribed treatments, let’s add another snoring treatment option ~ the chinstrap.

In Conclusion

The next post will cover how a chinstrap might assist the snorer, or not.

The post is called “How to help a snorer ~ the easy way, Part Two”

Look for it next week,


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