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How to help a snorer, the easy way, Part Three

How to help a snorer, the easy way, Part Three



So you’ve assisted the snorer with positional options and a chinstrap but it’s not enough to contain the snoring.

(if you’d like to get snoring started quickly, go here.)

What’s next?

Let’s consider the Autoset Trial PAP device and the Apnea Link. We’ll start with Apnea Link.



Apnea Link

The Apnea Link is a device that assesses whether there is something other than snoring occurring, like sleep apnea. It is used in a simple manner by which there is a non-invasive finger probe to wear on one finger to measure oxygen levels in your circulation. And It does this with infra-red technology.

Added to the mix is a nasal cannula, which is worn around the ears. The cannula nose pieces insert into the nostrils to detect breathing or the absence thereof.

You may ask how does this control snoring?

It doesn’t.

However, when Apnea Link is worn with a chin strap and used with side positional products, you now have a way to determine the next treatment steps, if any are needed.

After a two-night use of the Apnea Link, a report is generated from the Apnea Link after you return it to the Vendor.

At this point the report may suggest apnea or a lack thereof.

If the report shows sleep apnea, the next step is to visit a general practitioner for a visit to a sleep lab for a sleep study to officially confirm the results.

If the report details a measure of sleep apnea, the next step is to visit a general practitioner for a requisition to visit a sleep lab for a sleep study, which officially confirms the presence of sleep apnea or not.

NOTE: the results from Apnea Link DO NOT SUBSTITUTE a sleep study.

If your scheduled visit to the sleep lab is delayed and your snoring issue is dire, you can rent a PAP until your visit to the sleep lab. This means renting an  Autoset Trial PAP device.

Autoset Trial PAP device

Renting an Autoset Trial PAP device is easy through CPAP clinic. The details are discussed when you call using 1.877.430.2727. The arrangement, once mutually agreed, means using an Autoset Trial PAP device to control snoring until your sleep study.

How It Works

Autoset Trial PAP device delivers air pressure delivering pressurized air through a tube and through a mask on your face.

The air is gently delivered to the back of your throat, moving lazy muscle tissue aside for inhaling and exhaling. Additionally, when lazy tissue or the tongue is moved by the pressurized air, snoring will go away, in most cases.

Moreover, the  Autoset Trial PAP device determines how much-pressurized air will be delivered while the user is sleeping.

Lastly, when you return the device after the rental period, a report can be generated to show how well sleep apnea was contained or controlled (if sleep apnea was present).

Can the Autoset be purchased?


Yes. Here’s are the important details about this option.

  1. If you want Provincial Funding via OHIP, you must have a sleep study that determines your need for an Autoset and a subsequent doctor prescription.
  2. If you don’t want Provincial Funding, call to discuss options using 1.877.430.2727


Where do we go from here?

If the Autoset is returned with the Apnea link and positional products and a chinstrap are being used, what might be next?

Let’s talk CPAP, chinstrap and positional products in the next post and put this picture of all treatment possibilities together.



Call 1.877.430.2727.

Re-Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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