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Why nap? Here are 20 compelling reasons.

 Why nap? Here are 20 compelling reasons.




Sleeping in this day and age seems often a trite concern. Industry must thrive on doing more and demand its workers work to around the clock. The health industry is much the same. Has your industry, trade or profession suggested that sleep is a sign of laziness?


What if sleep was a sign of natural self-improvement? And what if the value of practicing better sleep outweighed the value of pills, lotions, potions and devices  (which supposedly improve sleep)?

What if the power of the nap held immense value?

Here is a list of compelling reasons to consider napping:

  1. Increase your alertness
  2. Speed up your motor performance
  3. Improve your accuracy
  4. Make better decisions
  5. Improve your perception
  6. Fatten your wallet
  7. Preserve your looks
  8. Improve your sex life
  9. Lose weight
  10. Reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke
  11. Reduce Diabetic Risk
  12. Improve stamina
  13. Elevate your mood more often
  14. Boost your creativity
  15. Reduce stress
  16. Help your memory
  17. Reduce dependence on drugs/alcohol
  18. Alleviate migraines, ulcers
  19. Improve the quality of night sleep
  20. It feels great!

What are the justifications for such a radical decision as a nap?

The answer may be closer than you think.


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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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