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What is your Sleep Personality type? Introducing Chronotherapy

What is your Sleep Personality type? Introducing Chronotherapy


Did you know the art and science of Chronotherapy has been adopted into our society?

It’s true.


But what exactly is Chronotherapy?

Chronotherapy is the study and application of the sleep and wake cycles of the human being to optimize energy patterns. For example, when one studies and learns about their energy at its highest and lowest during any given day, one can understand personal energy and how it can be best applied when awake. This is Chronotherapy at its basic level and how does it determine Sleep Personality type? However, not everyone has embraced its approach and other options have been used.

Since there is a huge influence of energy drinks, caffeine, prescription drugs, etc. few people get the opportunity to study their own natural energy patterns.

For those interested, Chronotherapy offers a distinctive, predictable set of details and practices that offer a clearer path toward personal efficiency and maximization of personal energy. Consistent application of these details creates an advantage to practically eliminate or reduce dependence on “external means” of creating and sustaining personal energy. This fosters a more economical, highly productive pattern of living, leading to greater productivity and personal mastery.


There’s more.

One strategy to harness your personal “energy pattern” is to start with an easy self-test.

Here it is:

Note down when you typically go to sleep and when you typically wake up over a seven day period.

That’s it.


Other Consideratons

Additionally, you can make note of when your energy is at its highest during your wake hours ~ without stimulants. That means skip the coffee, etc. and try this easy method for a week or two. Take notes. You might be surprised about your natural energy patterns. And of course, the more you learn, the more you can apply. Ultimately, doing this can lead to pragmatic, practical and cost-free strategies to enhance your natural energies for high-quality living ~ and possibly ditch non-medicinal and medicinal solutions.

Let’s take this method a step further by classifying your Sleep Personality type.

For example, Chronotherapy distinguishes a person’s sleep pattern by way of the bird lifestyle, as per their natural tendencies.


Here’s the breakdown of sleep patterns:

According to Chronotherapy, the humming bird goes to sleep at a predictable time every night.  The humming bird also awakens at virtually the same time every morning, such as sleeping at 11pm and waking at 7pm on a daily basis.

The lark typically awakens early and loses energy by early evening.

The owl is typically in a mental, low energy fog for most of the day, arriving at a burst of energy by afternoon and faces insomnia (a struggle to get to sleep) later in the same night.

So which bird are you? And which pattern is most likely to be something for you to study and maximize?

When you can answer the previous questions you will know “when your energy is at its highest without foodstuffs (i.e. stimulants).” Supplement this knowledge with when you naturally require sleep and when you wake up. You are now primed to influence wakefulness and personal productivity.



Chronotherapy offers additional in-depth methods for each Sleep Personality type, which can be eased into one’s way of living and create an even more energy than before. For many, natural energy is making a comeback, sustaining more than just a healthy mind, but a lifestyle as well. You might already know someone who uses Chronotherapy. If so, the old adage applies: birds of a feather flock together.


Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

P.S.  CPAP use can get especially effective with Chronotherapy. Call 1.877.430.2727 to learn more.

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