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End CPAP Noise With 3 Remarkably Quick Solutions

End CPAP Noise With 3 Remarkably Quick Solutions

Here inside CPAPclinic, we spend a few hours per week digging for typical ser issues online.  And we strive to solve them as quickly and easily as possible. Today we tackle CPAP noise. Let’s take a look at three common CPAP issues and their solutions.


Machine Noise (i.e. vibrations and other related noise)

Sometimes a PAP device vibrates a little too much ~ but it isn’t considered an out of the box failure.

What to do?

Here what one user did:

Simply place a nylon kitchen chopping board between the mattress and bed base to form a shelf above the machine, and then lay a folded towel on top of the shelf to surround the system and dampen the external noise.


Mask is vibrating and whistling

Fabric liners to sit between mask and face can be 100% cotton you can pre-cut or purchase.

One user decided to utilize panty hose, pre-cut as well, which sits between the mask and the user’s face.

Ultimately if nothing like the above works, change the masks silicone cushion, re-size the mask or buy a different type of mask altogether.



CPAP Noise ( apart from mask and machine vibration)

Positional products can help a PAP mask stay in place, contain the leak to remain silent and increase comfort for the user.

Finally, a video was made addressing this CPAP noise within the PAP circuit (i.e. connecting tubing from PAP to the mask).

Check it out here.


Call 1.877.430.2727 for help.

Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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