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Three Sleep Apnea Treatment Trends We’re Watching, Part One – Travel PAP

Three Sleep Apnea Treatment Trends We’re Watching, Part One – Travel PAP


Trends exist in just about every field. Sleep therapy is no different. And the industry has changed dramatically since the birth of the CPAP in 1978. Gone are the days of heavy CPAP units that sounded and looked like small planes and plastic CPAP masks that felt and looked like helmets.

In 2018, things are far more sophisticated for CPAP (a.k.a PAP) use.

Today we will look at one trend that is developing for 2018 and beyond.

1) Travel PAP

PAP machines now fit in the palm of your hand and are more portable than ever, which begs the question, will this phase out all other models in 2018 or later?

Here are some interesting PAP units for 2018 which are worthy of every kind of travel.

For a full listing go here.

This begs the question if all other PAP models will become obsolete?

In all likelihood, the answer is “no” because many insurances, sleep doctors, sleep clinics, etc. all regard PAP devices important, regardless of size, weight and convenience. It is about proper therapy,compliance (i.e. a PAP user continuously using their unit) and the continued intelligent approach to ease the burden of sleep disorders.

This is part two of a four-part series.

In the next installment, we will discuss APAP vs. CPAP and if one is better than the other. Plus, is the difference between them THAT important?

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  1. However they never be phaseout (hopefully), since many people are enjoying using these divices and i’m one of them.

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