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When Your CPAP Misbehaves, Part One


When Your CPAP Misbehaves, Part One


Here are the top ten things that plague CPAP users and what to do about each issue

  1. Mask discomfort

Does this sound familiar?

It’s the middle of the night with your CPAP, you toss and turn.  That dreaded mask leak wakes you. Now, the wrestling match begins. You find a mask adjustment too tight solves the leak quickly, but sacrifices comfort. Plus, you soon learn while falling back to sleep that it leaks even more if you change sleeping position. When treated in reverse, adjusting the headgear too loose offers little resolution.

This is an issue that takes aim at virtually any CPAP user.

What to do:

  • The ideal fit for your mask is somewhere between too tight and too loose.
  • Contact your provider and alert them to the issue to solve or lead you to something better.
  • Or replace the headgear or mask cushion for a better fit.


Final Note –

If anyone says a sore, itching or scratching of the face, nect etc. is a normal part of “getting used to a CPAP mask,” ignore them and move on to resources that will help you to the greatest extent.

Our next post covers Nasal Discomfort – Inside and Out: The Answers You Never Thought You’d Have To Know.

This is part one of a series.

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