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You have to use a CPAP? Here’s how to handle that…Part Two

You have to use a CPAP? Here’s how to handle that…Part Two


In the previous post, we discussed getting your CPAP and a little bit about what to expect. Today we go a little further and explain more about what to do when your CPAP and mask are out of the box and ready to go. Let’s continue.



Once you have picked up your equipment, you would most likely practice with the CPAP and acclimate to it.

Before doing so, have a quick look here and come on back:

The first time you use CPAP may be uncomfortable and feel unnatural. Some people may find it difficult if they suffer from insomnia. With CPAP, you can ease into a night’s sleep. It might be advisable to practice a little before using it at night.

Doing this might mean setting up the machine in another part of the house where it’s comfortable.

Ease yourself into the mask and your breathing if you have a sense of claustrophobia; simply hold it up to your nose or mouth with the machine off. If this creates anxiousness, try to take slow and deep breaths against the blowing air.

If you find it necessary, simply pull the mask back off. Gently extend the amount of time you hold it to your face gradually, allowing anxiety to dissipate. When you feel ready, apply the headgear straps that hold the mask in place. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply until you feel comfortable.

(More to come! We cover mask fitting a bit deeper.)

Part Three in this series arrives tomorrow!

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Written and Edited by Bill Bistak B Sc.,SEO/SEM Spc, CRT

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