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What will stop headache pain after CPAP use? by CPAPClinic

What will stop headache pain after CPAP use?


Headaches can be a common symptom of CPAP use. Let`s run down some common causes and discover what to do to stop headache pain:.

  1. The pressure on your CPAP machine might not be programmed properly for optimum treatment.



One of the biggest reasons why a sleep apnea patient may be experiencing headaches while wearing his or her CPAP mask is due to a less than optimal pressure setting. If you feel your pressure setting is too high or too low, immediately contact your treating sleep physician and confirm whether or not an adjustment is required


2. Make sure the distilled water within your heated humidifier chamber is warm enough throughout the night. Become familiar with the humidity adjustment programming on your PAP device. And, if applicable to your PAP,  use your climate control (a.k.a. heated) tubing for additional comfort adjustment.

Heated humidifiers open up and relieve nasal passageways. Additionally, keep your nose and throat moist throughout the night with a room environment mist machine, preventing sinus irritation which could lead to headaches. Most PAP devices do come with a humidifier for comfort reasons.

Here are some CPAP with humidifier examples:


Resmed’s Airsense 10



Respironics Dreamstation



Fisher Paykel Icon with Humidifier





3. Sinus blockage is normal (with humidity changes in your sleeping area and with seasonal weather changes) – treat symptoms practically.

If you are wearing a full face mask or even a nasal pillow, you are blocking your sinus cavities either on the sides of your nose or underneath your nostrils. Blocking may cause the buildup of inner sinus pressure. Your headache may feel mild in this case, and can be temporary. Over-the-counter medications such as Advil and Tylenol might alleviate these headaches almost instantaneously. But be sure to use these over-the-counter drugs carefully.


4. Loosen the head straps of your PAP mask.

In some cases, the straps of your CPAP mask might be too tight around your head. The extra pressure may be causing you to experience headaches when waking up. Make sure that your straps are firm enough to create a hold of the mask to your face, but not so tight to challenge blood flow.


5. Could your headaches be diet related? Consider there alternatives:

Vegetables and organic foods reset the balance of energy and food metabolism, especially when weaning off empty calorie food. A simple diet change can work wonders.A naturopathic doctor or dietician can assist you in big ways.


6. Your treating family or sleep physician has a role in your quest for headache relief.

If your mask fits properly and your machine settings are all optimal but you are still experiencing headaches, see your treating General Physician as soon as possible. An underlying health issue might a part of the situation, therefore requiring professional medical attention.


And Finally, See Your Treating Physician If Headache Pain Persists (We’re repeating ourselves here, but there’s a difference.)

CPAP-related headaches should be treated quickly with the above references. And when in doubt, see your Sleep Physician for extensive explanations if all of the above have been utilized or ruled out.


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